View Full Version : I am a little confuuuused

20-05-2011, 6:48am
with all the dang settings on the k5.....I hit the reset button last night :)

I shoot raw so what settings actually effect what I am doing? All I have done is lock the exposure to the focus for now....
The manual is written in Chinglish:( never a strong point for me....
The DR range bit has me bamboozled.....if I set all those options to on will it slow the whole thing down? Are there some things I dont need to turn on or off? What has the program line bit got to do with raw files? or any of the other settings?
Would someone please be able to point me in the direction of some direction?:confused013

20-05-2011, 8:49pm
Ist read the Chinglish back to front & then start again. Once thats done just look at a couple of things you may have done with a prior camera & make sense of that in the instructions & change that setting.

I use RawDNG as it is the universal language: settings 3 "RAW File Format" and change from default PEF which is not recognised universally.

Program line is double dutch for me too.

If really in doubt become a member of "Pentax Forum" where every conceivable question has been asked & there will be an answer, they even have a section dedicated to the K5.

Finally just make one change @ a time to see what works for you & what does not.