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19-05-2011, 3:30pm
Hi all!

Has anyone else gotten some of this new instant film? What are your thoughts?

I recently purchased some of this film, PX-70 and PX100, after a while of reading reviews and umm'ing and ah'ing.

I'm positive about the film, it's great to have something to use in my SX70 and 1000 onestep, but there's still alot to happen in R&D for the impossible project.

But, I find it quite hard to expose the film properly- as it's is still highly sensitive to not only light but also temperature! The impossible project's website recommends to shield the film immediately after ejection, then lay it face down for 2 minutes to develop.

For my first couple test shots, I found it easier to use something to catch the film- most people recommend the film's cardboard box, jamming the darkslide into the ejection port. Personally i used a AusPost express bag to slip over the front (mostly due to the fact I had one on my desk at the time as well as it had a black faced interior).

The temperature aspect of the films development was a bit harder to gauge. I've heard some reviews state that immediately putting it in a pants pocket (near the body) for 30 seconds works well then allowing the film to lay face down for a minute and a half. This didn't work for me, as i went with the 30second pocket trick and found my PX100 came out with a very dark orange cast across the whole film on two occasions. The impossible project's website states the ideal development temperatures are between 17-24 degrees.

Out of two packs (8 exposures in each pack) I was only really happy with about 5 shots I took. The packaging on the box states that the film will continue to develop marginally as time goes by, so time may tell if anything comes of my other 11 shots.

One of the things I liked about the old polaroid film was watching it develop! Due to the sensitivity of the impossible project's emulsion- this is not possible!

some reviewers have knocked the impossible project for it's sensitivity, but you have to keep in mind, when polaroid discontinued film production, several staff memeber scrambled to personally acquire the production machines for the film and created The Impossible Project to bring back instant film for their much loved polaroid cameras.

This is only the first flush of the film, and as the R&D continues, they'll certainly create better emulsions and more stable film. The current film isn't too bad- keeping in mind they had to create some of the dyes from scratch!

For now, I'm more than satisfied that I can use some cameras that have been left gathering dust in recent years!

p.s. The current price for a pack of Impossible Project film is approx $43 AUD- not exactly cheap for 8 shots. But there is now a distributor in Perth, and after talking to the storeowner of a stockist here in Sydney, they expect with the australian distributor and the current forex rate, they expect the price to drop to approx $30 a pack.

19-05-2011, 4:04pm
Humpph:(ff! I've never had an SX-70 camera. I've got 2 Polaroid backs for the RB67, but they take the (now) Fuji FP100. Still got a 2ple of the old P cameras as well.
Yeah, had a bit of a read about it. Sounds mm-interesting-ish...

20-05-2011, 11:57am
I love fuji FP100c it's a great instant film! i'd love to get a polaroid 350 or 450 to use fp100 in as well.

i think the impossible project is a great company to be behind. Granted there are still some wrinkles to be ironed out in their first flush of film that will almost certainly be addressed in the upcoming runs of film. As well as you can find fun little polaroid onestep cameras for like $30!

20-05-2011, 12:19pm
I've just obtained a pack of film for my SX70 from the Australian site, but our current temperatures are not ideal for processing.

20-05-2011, 12:49pm
Hah! Mitgonk. Just noted i your gear list you sport an RB67. DO you know (just 4 interest) whether an "SX70" back was ever made for them???

21-05-2011, 7:48am
I'm afraid not. There is a Polaroid back which will take the 669 film, and I believe it will also take Fuji instant film, although I've not tried that.

22-05-2011, 8:57pm
Hi Am,

Stan's correct. No sx-70 back for rb67- only the polaroid backs intended for the Polaroid 100- style pack film. which you mentioned you have!
unfortunately you get two dark bars either side of the image with the fp100!

I should also note that there are two styles of the PX-70 from the impossible project- The 'First Flush'- first emulsion and the 'Push'- being the newer more stable emulsion!

There is also the PX-680 which (from what I've seen online) has more vibrant saturated colors- but will need an ND4 filter on a SX-70 to be used. or a 600 polaroid camera!