View Full Version : Winton V8 Supercars - 20-22nd May

16-05-2011, 7:10pm
I'm contemplating going along to the V8's at some stage this weekend, I'm thinking of either Friday or Saturday.

Wondering if anyone else is thinking of going and is interested in meeting up or if anyone has any tips?

Jorge Arguello
18-05-2011, 11:05am
Hello Mic:

Thanks for letting us know about the V8.
This weekend my wife is going to a spa to enjoy her mother’s day gift... and I will be with the kids.
I would love to go there but I will not be able to go.
I hope you enjoy it and get nice shots there!

19-05-2011, 9:47pm
Well I've decided to go up tomorrow, plenty of cars on track for practice and it should be nice weather. If anyone decides to go and wants to meet up PM me and I'll get it on my phone.

20-05-2011, 7:14pm
Hey all, allthough it feels like I'm talking to myself (and Jorge) in this thread :p

Went up to Winton today, tell you what, WHITE lenses are like Bums, EVERYONE HAS ONE!! :D

Was a good day out, took piles of photos!! Ran into many happy togs and one AP member, Dave Clifford who has the bug back and was working. He's going well and it was good to catch up. Now to look at photos and post some! ;)

I @ M
20-05-2011, 7:22pm
Hey all, allthough it feels like I'm talking to myself (and Jorge) in this thread :p

Aaaaw Mic, if it didn't mean driving 6 hrs through snow over Mt. Hotham or dodging Melbourne drivers on the freeway to get to the Human Hwy. that way + cancelling the weekends photo shoot we would be there. :p

Sad aint it considering that I used to live in Molyullah which is about 10 mins drive away. :D

Hope you all have fun on the weekend.

20-05-2011, 7:27pm
:lol: Hey I drove 3 hours each way for it! Are you having a go or what? :p

Seriously though, it is a good opportunity for a future meet for those interested in motorsport. Today was the first time at V8's with a decent camera and wow, so many options for setup and experimenting; slow shutters and panning, fast shutters freezing motion and everything in between. Trying to capture the subject sharply but still maintaining a feeling of speed isn't as easy as it looks! Certainly works over the range of settings. Will be interesting to see what worked in my photos.

Russell K
09-06-2011, 3:56pm
Hey etherial, where's your photo's from Winton. Love to see some being a motorsport fan myself.

Russell K.

09-06-2011, 4:09pm
Hey Russell, over in the sports forum, I posted three threads.


Russell K
09-06-2011, 4:17pm
Thanks Mate, fantasic shots buddy....