View Full Version : Could a filter help when photographing objects against a sky background

14-05-2011, 8:43pm
I have a D5000 With a Sigma 120 - 400 and am trying to photograph birds in trees and with the bright background come out too dark.

14-05-2011, 8:51pm
In award - no. Have you looked at some of the tutorials regarding bird photography. There are some excellent ones on this site. Well worth a look.


14-05-2011, 9:50pm
Hi Cris, just recently joined and there is a lot to work though and that is one I am trying look at so thank you i will have a closer look.

14-05-2011, 9:51pm
In a second word, also no. Essentially you have to expose more for the bird. The bright background will then tend to blow out. But by all means go to the tutorials.

14-05-2011, 9:52pm
Birds are best photographed early in the day, late in the day, in bush, with the light on the bird (so generally the sun should be over your shoulder, behind you).