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john wilson
14-05-2011, 6:43pm
so far i have found my kx a delight to use.very compact,plenty of work to do finding my way around it,have some lenses from my old k100d,all pent lenses interchange,this cuts costs for me . jw.

14-05-2011, 11:09pm
The ability to keep older, better quality glass is why I bought mine, too. Hoping to move up to a K-5 soon though. I'm not concerned by the extra bells and whistles; I am just in awe of the better sensor of the K-5. The menu navigation has also become a chore, but I can live with it until the K-5 becomes a reality for me. Enjoy your K-x and start posting some of your K-x images real soon, eh?:cool:

15-05-2011, 7:59pm
G'day John

Firstly - welcome to the forum ... you'll find us a nice mob of mad 'togs !!!

re- the Kx ... as you get to use it more you'll find all sorts of out-of-the-way things buried in the menus that let you do lots of "real-squizzy" things
overall, it's a nice camera and I'm sure that you'll have meny years of pleasure with it

When you're ready, show us some of the stuff you're doing
Regards, Phil