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12-05-2011, 4:25pm
Can anyone give some feedback re. a Nikon D5000? Looking at upgrading and not too sure what to go for.


12-05-2011, 4:29pm
it's a bit like asking what car should I buy - I could say Ferrari or Kia

maybe some more info like budget ? aspirations, what lenses you have, etc etc

12-05-2011, 8:54pm
I'm looking at about $1500 as my budget, give or take a little. Don't have any lenses at this stage, but I love taking photos of people, kids out and about and portraits, but I also love landscapes and macro......

12-05-2011, 8:57pm
what do you want/expect your new camera to do, that you cannot do with your current one?

12-05-2011, 9:37pm
I think starting out d5000 is ok, but if you want to get serous it will hold you back. If you want some scaleability for what you are talking about if prob get a 2nd hand d90 and a consumer allrounder zoom in the 18-200. Will not do macro but pretty much all else.

12-05-2011, 10:07pm
Genna, if you are looking to buy new, it is also worth noting the D5000 has been recently upgraded to the D5100. Notwithstanding, there is nothing wrong with the D5000 and it does what I want it to do...at the moment. The kit lenses are OK, but it is likely you will look to upgrade before too long (speaking from personal experience).

As described above, it comes down to what you are looking to do.

13-05-2011, 2:02pm
I currently have an Olympus E520 just with the kit lenses but I'm thinking about getting some better lenses and not sure if I'd be limiting myself by investing in lenses that suit Olympus.....I'm thinking there may be a better range for Nikon or Canon that may also be more available second hand.

13-05-2011, 3:24pm
i got a d90 body new for $800 ish. you can get them with a lens for under $1k

17-05-2011, 11:36pm
Welcome to the dark side Genna!
I'm not sure about the Nikon D5000... can i ask why you were looking at this camera? What drew you to this camera?
I would say choose something that you won't grow out of too soon...
You're right to consider lens options because lenses are an investment and will probably stick with you longer than the body would!
Have you also gone to the shops to have a play? There is a shop in Perth that i frequent - the people there are very helpful and know their stuff. I could go with you some time if you like seeing i'm lady of leisure at the moment.... :p
Just PM me...:rolleyes:

Keith Young
18-05-2011, 1:48am
I'm not a 100% sure what Nikon are doing with their line up it seems that all the comsumer DSLRs are being replaced with 4-digit series: 3100, 5100, 7000. With the release of the D7000 it seemed to tread on the toes of the D300(s) as most of the specs are superior yet in a much cheaper body. If you can afford the D7000 is the way to go for the best DX format camera at the moment. The way things are going there should be a replacement for the D700, D300s, D90 and the D3 soon (fingers crossed). Reliable sources indicate the D800 (D700 replacement) will be here in August. So hopefully the others should follow shortly. If you can't wait for the D90 replacement I would just get a D90 over a D5000 or D5100 any day. If you go for a D5000 series, only the AF-S series lenses will be able to autofocus, other lenses you'll have to focus manually.

30-05-2011, 3:47pm
Or you could always look at a Canon D600...............

Jorge Arguello
27-09-2011, 4:56pm
I got the D5000 early this year, taking advantage of the drop price caused by the new D5100.
The D5000 fits my needs (and budget).

The reason I chose the D5000 was answering the question that Rick said:
What do you want/expect your new camera to do, that you cannot do with your current one?

I wanted a faster auto focus. And to avoid working too much in the computer a camera that brings HDR, lens distortion correction and "less" noise in low light conditions.

Jorge Arguello
23-10-2012, 1:27pm
Sadly, a my gear has been stolen, someone got into my house and took:
Nikon D5000 with nikkor 18-105mm, Nikon CPL filter, remote control, 2 memory cards, camera bag.
FujiFilm S5600, 2 memory cards, camera bag.
Vinoculars 10x50
Pocket tripod.
2 ball head tripod plug (one on each camera)
Notebook and computer bag.
Magnifier lens. :angry0: