View Full Version : Site Outage : Apologies

03-05-2011, 7:50pm
My apologies for the site outage. Although the site was reporting Database errors, I was monitoring the DB and it was not getting errors, so at this stage it looks like a server related issue. Site appears stable again now and I will continue to monitor it

03-05-2011, 8:01pm
The DB errors were connection refused, the actual DB is intact.
I've clamped our load for now, so members may get a overloaded try later message, which is better than the DB errors. ;)

We will monitor the situation.

03-05-2011, 10:40pm
The server load seems to have settled, we've had no more errors since 7.45pm AEST

04-05-2011, 11:00am
Thought it was an odd time for a tune-up.

Oops, I'm replying to the wrong outage. Problems continuing?

04-05-2011, 11:26am
Yes we have issues ongoing. We are working to resolve these. Please be patient.