View Full Version : Are Ricoh Lenses compatible with Pentax DSLRs?

25-04-2011, 5:06pm
Hi guys,

Am after a reasonably fast 50mm lens for portraits. However, I am a notorious tight-a**e. There are cheap Ricoh lenses available (usually attached to a 35mm camera) but I am not sure if they would fit a K100D Super without modification - umm, did I also mention that as well as being a tightwad, I am lazy and technically inept?

There is talk that you have to remove a lug or a pin to get them to fit. Anyone know if this is correct, or am I better off just removing all doubt and buying a Pentax lens?

If you check any of my pictures posted you will understand why I don't want to spend big money on gear just yet.


I @ M
25-04-2011, 5:23pm
Pentax are one of the "good mob" where so many of their old (and good) lenses will fit today's cameras.
I am not sure on which model Pentax bodies allow metering with the old lenses but there seem to be plenty of fairly inexpensive genuine lenses out there to experiment with so it seems an easy choice to me.
Even if you buy an adapter to mount the even older style M42 lenses they produce some good results.

25-04-2011, 5:56pm
Thanks Andrew. I understood that all Pentax lenses are pretty much retro-fit. Just saw a Ricoh P f2 50mm lens for $30 and thought that it might be interesting. Maybe I should just live on the wild side for a while and buy it! :th3:

25-04-2011, 6:14pm
Try and pick up a Pentax A lens.......way easier. Should get one one fleabay for under $100. I have an A 50mm 1.2 which is an awesome little lens......Not too sure about all Ricoh lens' I do know some have the Ricoh pin that needs removing. Best to check on the big Pentax forum :) Heaps of info on lens' there.

25-04-2011, 7:00pm
Thanks guys. Will concentrate on the Pentax lenses. I might aim for the A range that allow for auto aperture adjustment. Thanks again for your help!

25-04-2011, 7:33pm
Ricoh K mount lenses will for Pentax ... BUT .... WARNING you can't get them off again unless modified first, i.e. removing the pin as advised by Ricstew

How to here: http://www.theatreofnoise.com/2008/05/ricoh-lenses-on-pentax-cameras-ricoh.html


26-04-2011, 7:56am
Just picked up a Pentax SMC A 50 mm 2 for $55 on line. Sounded a lot less hassle than modifying other lenses. Plus I can use it in AV mode. Thanks for the advice.