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I @ M
22-04-2011, 4:48pm
--- make sure that you are where you say you are. (http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/04/22/3198802.htm?section=justin):D

22-04-2011, 7:38pm
Yep. Knew about that because it is offered as a "feature" to help find your iPhone if you have misplaced it. Didn't know about the historical logging though. I think that's definitely over the top. Big Brother has arrived, and only 27 years later than George Orwell's prediction! :eek:

22-04-2011, 7:50pm

22-04-2011, 7:59pm
Every phone company has the ability to triangulate a users position, and I dont lead a life of excitement or espionage, so they can track me all they like.