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15-04-2011, 5:00pm
If anyone is considering coming to the Blue Mountains for Autumn colour, there is already a good show on. Some large trees have already started dropping leaves. These were taken during a quick stop on the way home this afternoon, just to show what it's like at the moment. They are jpg's straight from the camera, no editing.









Mary Anne
15-04-2011, 5:29pm
Those are so beautiful.. I love Autumn leaves and miss them
My pick is the last one is that lichen on the branch though I really like them all. :th3:
Thanks for taking the time to stop shoot and put on here :)

15-04-2011, 5:37pm
Thanks.I love Autumn too, and each day I am lucky enough to see the changes. The last one is my favourite too - I put it in because I liked the look of it.Have to go back now and spend more time on them Luckily they are close by.:)

16-04-2011, 9:03am
'My pick is the last one is that lichen on the branch '

Sorry-was in a hurry, just realised I didn't answer your question. Yes, it is lichen, and grows a lot on plants, etc. here. Probably does everywhere - I don't know enough about it. It does make a wonderful subject, though. I like photographing it in it's different forms when I'm out in the bush.

16-04-2011, 7:31pm
Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot it was autumn!! Where abouts was this taken? I remember heading up to Mt Wilson last year for the autumn colours, was so beautiful..

16-04-2011, 7:48pm
Thank you for sharing, I really miss the beautiful colours of the autumn leaves, I grew up in Sydney and this reminds me of home. My favourite is the second one, to me the colours are spot on.

16-04-2011, 7:49pm
This is in Wentworth Falls ( on Blaxland Road ), just around the corner from my house. There are some beautiful mature maples along here,which put on a great display every year. They are colouring nicely now, and soon will be magnificent. Parts of Katoomba have good displays as well, and also Blackheath ( a little higher and a little cooler).

16-04-2011, 9:27pm
Well done mate I too lived there for many years and miss the show at this time of the year, keep it up/

17-04-2011, 5:31pm
I like #2 myself, Makes me want to plan a trip

17-04-2011, 5:52pm
I like #2 myself, Makes me want to plan a trip

Obviously a long way to come, but it is a beautiful time of year. (Bring warm clothes ).

old dog
17-04-2011, 6:48pm
wow...love the second eith it`s terrific use of a shallow dof and the last with its fungussed branches in the middle of the frame.