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09-04-2011, 7:56pm
ive posted a few of this white out topic.
New season, and im still getting it,(practise day)
Lens pentax 50-200 DA, it was cloudy.
any ideas how i can change this ......
Im trying but same reult...
Any clues are much appreciated.... Moto,X

09-04-2011, 8:01pm
Motox. I looked at the last 2ple of pages of your threads. What do you mean?
"...any ideas how i can change this ......
Im trying but same reult...
Any clues are much appreciated.... "

09-04-2011, 8:07pm
thank you ameerat42, im just after getting rid of the white background
it was cloudy today, weres the clouds,,,

09-04-2011, 8:24pm
Well, I found a few lurking in the jpeg, but what does the raw file (assume) show? Can't you extract some from that?
Just a quick stab with Adobe CS2. Shadows 50, 50; Highs 50, 50; Mids Contrast +20.

11-04-2011, 9:44am
Looks to me like the camera is doing the right thing, i.e. metering on the main subject. Put simply, exposing both motorcyclist and clouds correctly at the same time would be beyond the capability of any sensor (or film, for that matter).

If you want to force the clouds darker on the JPG you could use exposure compensation of -1 or thereabouts, but realise this will darken the detail on the motorcyclist. Far better is to shoot RAW then use software to pull back the levels on the clouds, though you need to make sure the clouds aren't completely 'blown out'. I suggest you learn about histograms and use the camera's histogram for guidance here.


11-04-2011, 12:37pm
It's very difficult, if not impossible to get good detail when you are shooting against the sky, as the sky is so much brighter than the subject.
There could be up to 5 or 6 or even more stops difference in their exposures, so getting both right is impossible.

Perhaps try and take the shot so that your back is against the sun. This will give you more chance of balancing out the exposure of the sky and the rider.

Take a nice exposed shot of the sky itself, and meld it into the photo using Photoshop or similar.

13-04-2011, 6:25pm
Thanx dave, benny, you'ed think after 5 yrs of doing Moto X, i should know it.
Every meet is different...Same track though..
When i take a pic like(as above) riders SAY, (take a pic of me with the track background
And Vice/verse....There a fussy lot...
Ive tried most modes on me K10, But find Manual is the easier..
Set speed. 250 to 350 sec. then set apperture accordingly..iso on Auto,,
I use spot metering, as i can pan quite well now!
Is there anything i missed... Thank you simon....