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23-03-2011, 4:36pm
So what do I do with it once I have downloaded it? Can someone please point to the spot with directions?..........waiting for the battery to charge!:D

23-03-2011, 4:39pm
Usually look in your manual or the update should have a txt file or similar in there with detailed instructions

But...in general download the files onto your CF or SD card, stick it in the camera, and go to the part in your menu system that initiates the firmware update (or it may just launch automatically) and hey presto...you have a Nikon

23-03-2011, 5:29pm
Phooey Kiwi I dont want a Nikon........:) I think I have found the page for the firmware....does it matter if I have used the sd card in the previous camera? It just tells me it needs to be formatted....and blank so I better delete the images??

I @ M
23-03-2011, 5:37pm
Format the card in the NEW camera!!!

23-03-2011, 6:32pm
:o duh :(

23-03-2011, 6:51pm
Pentax firmware downloads come with a ReadMe file that explains the process.

23-03-2011, 7:26pm
To the Library... http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/showlibrary.php?title=Camera_Lens_and_Gear:Pentax_Firmware :th3:

Be patient ... a takes a few minutes

24-03-2011, 5:09pm
ok I admit it I am lost........I have downloaded the 1.03 file, opened it and copied it to a formatted sd card. I put that into the camera, hold down the menu button while turning it on.........and I still have version 1.01 come up on the screen.. What am i doing wrong??

Forget it lol I obviously wasn't holding my tongue properly.........it seems to be working now.......