View Full Version : D3 shutter/mirror and 50/1.4 aperture in slo-mo

19-03-2011, 11:36am

interesting to see exactly how (im)precise the inner workings of a D3 and 50/1.4 really is.

I woudln't have expected as much mirror bounce as seen in the shutter view to begin with.. being a D3 I'd have expected it to be rock stable... but(without a reference point)maybe this is as stable as they get!!

50/1.4 looks a bit worrying tho... watch the aperture very carefully both when opening and closing/stopping down(the setting is at f/16 remember).
Watch specifically for the small delay as the aperture doesn't fully close, and then finally does, but the strange releasing of the aperture(back to wide open) looks very interesting.
On the openign stage there is a moment where the aperture stops opening and then starts again?
(sticking aperture blades?)

19-03-2011, 11:48am
Amazing to watch eh. Mirror bounce is interesting there as you said. Thanks for the link AK

19-03-2011, 1:07pm
Is it just me or do you never see the sensor at any stage during the actuation?!! weird. It looks like the shutter curtain the entire time.
Also notice the secondary mirror under the main mirror as it flips up (for the AF I think?).
Very cool. Thanks AK

19-03-2011, 2:24pm
I think if we could see if in even more detail (slower motion), you'd see a tiny gap between the 1st and 2nd curtain (@ 1/5000, it would be a very tiny slot).

I would like to see that for about 1/300 th

19-03-2011, 2:29pm
like this


19-03-2011, 4:02pm
Is it just me or do you never see the sensor at any stage during the actuation?!! weird. ....

Starting at exactly the 0.08 second mark, if you pause the video you can see a small dark glossy slit between the two curtains. 1/4000s.

Don't understand why they used such a high speed shutter speed tho.
And yes, the small secondary mirror within the main mirror is for AF.

23-03-2011, 8:54pm
Interesting to watch, i was surprised by the amount of wobbling in the aperture , mind you this is pretty fast shooting 11fps,