View Full Version : Using perspex for reflection, any tips/tricks?

18-02-2011, 5:33pm
Today I was using a perspex sheet to try and capture the refection of my son but it didnt work out to well.

Its only a thin sheet. Does it have to be a certain thickness to acheive a refection ?

Or is it all in the settings ?

18-02-2011, 5:45pm
Was it transparent or opaque ?

The key for reflections is getting the angle of light right. You need to light to bounce off your subject onto the perspex and then into your lens. Draw a diagram if it helps.

Also, depending on light source, a polariser can help enhance reflections (if adjusted properly for that purpose).

18-02-2011, 6:06pm
Thanks Dave, its transparent.

I had light from lightboxes coming in from the side of the subject, and he was sitting on the floor. Should I have had it above him ?

I dont have a polariser for this lens :(

19-02-2011, 4:30pm
Maybe bring the lights around towards the front a bit more (not directly at the front, but more than they are).