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18-02-2011, 2:52pm
A lot of people don't realise you can use the power of Camera RAW on JPEG and TIFF files too!
here's how...


19-02-2011, 12:07am
FYI, I was hoping... but this doesn't seem to work with Elements. :Doh:

22-03-2011, 11:32pm
FYI, I was hoping... but this doesn't seem to work with Elements. :Doh:

No facility for this on CS3 directly either but Mongo has been using Camera Raw on Jpegs and other formats by opening them up in CS3 via Bridge.

24-03-2011, 2:06am
Elements 6 onwards - you can open a JPEG in a slightly modified Camera Raw.
In Editor's File menu, choose Open As - at the bottom - choose Camera Raw.
The JPEG photo is then opened in a Camera Raw interface.
Its a great feature!

26-03-2011, 12:35am
Personally, I can't see the value of editing aspects like WB and exposure on a JPG file. There are limits as to how well a JPG file can be processed(and the narrator does mention this caveat in the videotorial too!).

From my testing/playing with WB and exposure adjustments on JPG files, well, you're better off simply shoting in raw format. If you shoot in JPG format, your efforts should be concentrated on getting the exposure variables correct at the time of exposure, rather than using Camera Raw to process pseudo raw tweaks into a file type that is really not capable of producing the same quality of processing!

Note tho: I don't have direct access to Camera Raw, only the interface available in LR3 via the Develop module. My understanding of LR3 is that the adjustments available (in the RH pane) in the Develop module are a direct link to Camera Raw which LR3 uses in it's routine.

08-12-2011, 6:40pm
thanks thats very handy. cheers