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Ms Monny
18-02-2011, 11:19am

I am having trouble with the uploading of a photo for the weekly competition. I am using LR3 and when I export it to my Windows Pictures I have put in the file size as 240 K, the resolution as 240 pixels per inch, and resize to fit 1024 pixels on the long side BUT it wont accept this and won't export.

I usually have it as 800 x 600 pixels and no resolution limit.

What am I doing wrong?

18-02-2011, 11:37am
what is the error. It should tell you what the reason is that it is rejecting.

18-02-2011, 1:26pm
IF the error is comming from the Comp System then I'm guessing the file size exceeds 250kB (256,000 bytes).
LR is very inaccurate on export and treats the export size limit as a suggestion (I've found), maybe set a 220k limit and things will work.

This works for me...


Ms Monny
18-02-2011, 3:34pm
okay, tried it as 220K and the longest size as 1024 pixels but it came up with the same....

'could not create a JPEG that met your limit of 220K bytes'

thats all it says (as it did before). I unclicked the limit file size and it exports fine but it ends up 646Kb!! Any other suggestions?

Ms Monny
18-02-2011, 3:36pm
I am now trying without a 1024 pixel size but wondering what the resolution pixel should be? I have it as 240 pixels per inch.

18-02-2011, 3:37pm
AH. ok, so this is NOT a problem of uploading to AP, or the competitions, this is purely a problem with Lightroom?

Ms Monny
19-02-2011, 12:02am
Sorry, am I in the wrong area?? I will find the right area and repost.....thanks :)

19-02-2011, 10:33am
Sorry, am I in the wrong area?? I will find the right area and repost.....thanks :)

No, I can move the thread, and rename it

19-02-2011, 10:39am
Change it to 72dpi and you should be fine

Ms Monny
19-02-2011, 11:00am
Thanks Kiwi, I will give that a go when I get home from work!!

19-02-2011, 11:58am
Change it to 72dpi and you should be fineThe DPI setting has no effect on file size. It's only relevant for printing.

The only way to get a JPEG smaller is to reduce the quality, which Lr is presumably doing when you set it to limit file size, or to reduce the pixel dimensions. It sounds as though this image has so much fine detail that it just can't be made less than 250K at the size you want. I think you will have to reduce it in pixel dimensions until you get it under 250K.

19-02-2011, 2:45pm
Well there you go, I thought it did make a difference :o

19-02-2011, 3:16pm
Yeah, I think it just adds the DPI to the EXIF so that it can be read to determine the size at which the image should print. From what I can tell anyway. :)

19-02-2011, 3:55pm
it does, but as soulman said, it's only for eventual printing.

for digitally presented images, the pixels per inch makes no difference to screen display or file size, as the pixels on the screen are a given size and there are a set amount of them per inch on the screen.

think about it, a 1000 pixel image on one side with 800 pixels on the other side has a pre set number of pixels, and will be displayed as such on every monitor, your monitors resolution will then determine how that image will look on the screen, so that a monitor set to 2000 x 1600 resolution state, it will display that image at 1/4 of the total screen area(half height and half the width = 1/4 of the total area.
If that screen were only a 1000x800 capable screen, then the image will be displayed in it's entirety.. ie 100% of the screen.

no matter what, there is always 1000 pixels on one side and 800 pixels on the other side, so a total of 800,000 pixels. If each pixel was worth 1 byte of data you then get a 800kb file size.

the dpi figure only says that: if there are 1000 pixels, and the DPI is set to 240dpi, or ppi, then the maximum size of the print can only be 1000/240(= 4.17) inches on the long side and 800/240(= 3.33) on the short side.

pixels have no physically set dimension in digital graphics terms, that is they can be as large or as small as you like in digital graphics.
The only interpretation of the pixel in a physical manner is when relayed onto a screen, and pixels on screens vary in size.

I remember having that same problem with LR having trouble maintaining the pre set file size limit. I think in my case it was a matter of the resize routine not holding up well in LR, or soemthing like that.
I can't remember exactly what I did, but no I don't have the issue for when i occasionally use LR.

Ms Monny
20-02-2011, 11:26am
Well, you were right soulman, it didn't make a difference. I think I might just change it in Microsoft Office Picture Manager!! See if it works then.

UPDATE: didn't work as it only changes the pixels size on the side not the Kb!! I will try in LR again!

UPDATE NO.2: In LR instead of normal Export, I used Export with Preset and then chose Email. It came up with 95.1Kb but was smaller with 640 x 480 but the competition accepted it......

I had to cancel because it has been on here within the 30 days!! So, I can't enter BUT at least I know how to next time!!

Thanks for all your help in this matter.

20-02-2011, 11:49am
Then maybe use http://www.idimager.com/downloads/freeware BD Sizer (Free)
Export full size from LR and then use BD sizer.

20-02-2011, 12:19pm
rather than using the file size which is a bit variable

Try using the quality slider at 70% and longest side 800

Ms Monny
20-02-2011, 7:37pm
Thanks Kym, I will check that out!

Thanks Kiwi for your imput too....another option to try!