View Full Version : Opinions on Sigma 14mm f2.8 EX

Pentax Kid
27-01-2011, 12:08am
Would appreciate your opinions on the sigma 14mm f2.8 EX.
To be mounted on my K5 :)

16-02-2011, 10:56am
Hi I am new to the forum but do some work for Pentax here in Canada (shows etc) Why not look at the 14 or 15 mm Pentax lenses. I have the 15 mm and it is incredible. Small light and very well built. It is an f4 but using a wide angle you most often stop it down to f 16 or smaller.
Take a look and check out http://www.photozone.de/ for a comparison.


16-02-2011, 11:20am
Mongo cannot speak to the Sigma 14 mmf2.8.

Mongo still has the earlier 14mm f3.5 rectilinear Sigma wide angle lens he used in the film days. A reasonably good lens but slightly earlier technology than the one you have in mind.

Agree in part with BG’s comments. Mrs Mongo has the prized 15mm original wide angle Pentax. Again, older technology but a superb lens in every way. Not sure if it is still made today or you can only buy a second hand one if you get lucky.

16-02-2011, 2:25pm
I also have the 10 - 17 fish eye and do a lot of landscape work with it. If you stop it all the way down and focus at about 1 foot then everything from 2.5 cm to infinity is in focus @ 10 mm. There is a far amount of distortion but that can add to the image or if you don't want it then simply take and work it over with ACDSee. If you have not tried ACDSee out it is a non destructive jpeg converter that is a great soft ware tool that does not cost an arm and a leg or take years to master.

17-02-2011, 1:03am
Depending on your interests, perhaps consider the Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens? I have one for my full frame 5D Mk II and it is a great lens. It shows a fair bit of moustache distortion, but it is easily corrected in post. It is a manual focus and manual aperture lens - but it works well for me. I use it for landscapes, shooting under a good moon and some CFWA - I hope to be trying it with a time lapse/full moon/star wheel/old machinery shoot soon too. For under AU$500 I decided I couldnt go wrong - a lot cheaper than Canons at over AU$2000! It might not suit your style/needs, but it may be one you arent aware of. PM me if you want more details. :th3: