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super duper
13-01-2011, 4:11pm
I have a D3000. As I understand it, this camera doesn't have an autofocus motor and I must buy lenses with AF-S in the tittle (the "S" meaning the lens has an autofocus motor).

I am noticing there is a massive price difference between AF lenses and AF-S lenses.

I am assuming the fastest autofocas would be if you have a motor in both the lens and the camera?

Is this true, and is there anything else I am not taking into account?

I @ M
13-01-2011, 4:25pm
In point form. :)

The D3000 must have AF-S lenses in order for autofocus to work. The camera will work perfectly fine with manual focus lenses that have a CPU chip also. The camera will not acheive autofocus with AF-D lenses.

The price differences have factors other than just the difference between AF and AF-S. There are some very expensive AF lenses and some very inexpensive AF-S lenses.

Only one type of focus is working at any one time. A camera body with an inbuilt focus motor will only operate an AF-S lens by the motor built into the lens.

There are a few things that you are not taking into account and you will probably need to d a little study initially to get it clear in your own mind as to which lens is which and does what but there are a few people on here that will happily help you with your queries. :)

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