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09-01-2011, 4:03pm

Im currently using an EOS 450D and looking to upgrade...my friend who is a professional photographer has offered to sell me her 5D Mark I with 2 batteries (body only) for $550. Is this a good deal?

Also i've never bought a 2nd hand DSLR before, what questions should I ask before purchase?

Thanks :)

09-01-2011, 4:07pm
If it is in good nick, that is a bloody good buy.

I paid $1200 for one just recenty

09-01-2011, 4:37pm
Very good deal, for the price, you may be more lax on some of the below, but if I was buying at like $1000 for this camera, I want to check:

- Are all accessories and original box and manual and strap etc. included?
- Has the sensor or mirror box or focus screen been scratched by incompetent cleaning (my 1D Mark III had this happen to it)
- Has the mirror been replaced by Canon yet (it's a free replacement under recall notice)
- How many shutter actuations have occurred?

09-01-2011, 4:41pm
Thanks...she said it comes with 2 batteries...Im not overly worried about the box or strap as I have a spare one...but will ask about the manual.

What is an good answer for the shutter actuations? The lower the better obviously but whats an indication of too much?

09-01-2011, 5:33pm
Shutter is rated for 100K or 150K (can't remember but should be on google somewhere)

<10,000 generally indicates Camera was not used seriously for anything, only casual use, which is what you want

Approx 50-80,000+ generally indicates regular professional use, meaning a high risk it will go, in which case you are looking at an approx $400+ repair

There's no way to predict though

19-01-2011, 3:43pm
Im waiting to find out how many shutter actuations its had, apparently the only accurate way to tell is to take it to Canon.

20-01-2011, 8:30pm
If it was me I would grab it! At worst, you will need to replace the shutter for $400, but it's unlikely. As with everything there is lots of anecdotal evidence out there, that many shutters last a lot longer than Canon suggets.

Average price on ebay and gumtree from what I've seen is around $1000-1100, usually just camera/battery/charger - even ones that are not in great condition.

You can always just download the manual if it's not included::th3:


20-01-2011, 8:40pm
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