View Full Version : Manual focus points if auto focusing?

Miss Ella
25-12-2010, 10:12pm
Hi i have a D90 and was wondering if i can set the focus points myself while using auto focus? I would have thought not but im sure i could on my D60 but perhaps im going mental.

Thanks :-)

25-12-2010, 10:29pm
As long as you are not shooting in full auto, as in green box auto, you will be able to select your own focus point.
Not sure of the actual way to do it on a Nikon, but it can be done

Miss Ella
25-12-2010, 10:50pm
Great, thanks for that.
Have just started using manual, no idea what im doing but im sure my photos are getting better lol.
Will try another google search and see if i can find out how to do it.
Thanks again

26-12-2010, 12:20am
I thought that by default,(at least) when in manual or any of the semi auto program modes [A], [S] and [P], that you should have full control of the focus point.

Ah! Ok.. I just read that the default is set to AF-Auto-area.

See menu item a1 set to single point for the ability to set the af point manually using the rear control pad(joystick).

Also while you are in there, (I find) it's best to set the focus points wrap feature on too(I noticed that by default it's set to off). This means that as you scroll sideways with the control pad, as you get to one far edge, and keep clicking in that same direction, the focus point then moves to the far opposite end. Easy and quicker to control I reckon, when going from one far extreme to another.
menu item a5 set to 'wrap'.

Miss Ella
26-12-2010, 1:39am
Thank you thank you thank you :D
I have done thousands (ok well not quite but a lot lol) of google searches and could not find it.
Just changed it then - that was easy peasy.

Thank you so much.