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25-12-2010, 8:32pm
Just wondering if there is any places where I can find some darkroom stuff, specifically an enlarger that can do 6x7 negs. I have seen ebay, its usually good for second hand stuff, but enlargers are big and hard to post.
Do photo clubs have swap / sale days where people bring in equiptment? I am in the wollongong area but would be willing to drive to sydney.
If anyone is in, or knows of such a club, any infor would be much appreciated!

Thanks. :)

26-12-2010, 7:48pm
I have found it is just letting as many people know as possible that you are using and developing your own film, and that you want to print it, and some one usually knows someone that has some old gear no longer being used.
It is how I have picked up two complete darkroom setups (just need to build my darkroom now!) for next to nothing.

27-12-2010, 7:38am
Try the "Photo Trader" and your local advertising papers.

27-12-2010, 1:10pm
Thanks, ive seen the photo trader before, just didnt look specifically. so keen to get my hands on a larger enlarger. :D

28-12-2010, 7:44am
There's a wide range of enlargers that will handle up to 6x9 - Durst, Omega, Beseler to name only three. Look for good quality lenses too - Schneider, Nikkor, Rodenstock.

Pat Heuvel
06-01-2011, 11:39am

Trading of gear is not allowed anywhere on Ausphotography.