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25-12-2010, 12:21am

I'm thinking of buying a Justin clamp with the shoe flash such as the one pictured below:

Is the shoe flash a universal connector? I have an SB600 and I want to make sure it will fit.

On the Manfrotto site it refers to a type 1 and a type 17 attachment type.



I @ M
26-12-2010, 7:20am
I'm not sure about the suitability of that one, the SB-600 -- 800 etc rely on the locating pin that is engaged when you turn the locking arm to hold them in the hotshoe or supplied stand. That ballhead looks as though it is more suited to the older style Nikon speedlights with a screw down collar lock ring such as the SB-26 (http://www.nikonlinks.com/unklbil/sb26.jpg) etc and 3rd party flash units like Metz and Sigma.

If I were looking to have something like that I reckon I would source a suitable heavy duty pipe clamp from a hardware or industrial supply store and then a cheap replica AS-19 stand from ebay (http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Flash-Stand-Nikon-Canon-Pentax-AS-19-Three-Shoe-/220608255572?pt=AU_Cameras_Photographic_Accessories&hash=item335d46d654) and attach them to each other with suitable fastenings at probably a lot less than the price of a "genuine" unit.

26-12-2010, 8:29am
My sb-600 locks on to justin clamps, I don't know about type 1 or type 17 connectors but the part no. is 175F-1 if that helps.

27-12-2010, 12:41am
hi guys, thanks for the responses.
I looked around and decided to buy a cheapy using my brothers eBay account.
The clamp was around $13, then I bought a ΒΌ" hot shoe adapter for $14 and finally a pc sync hot shoe for $7. $34 bucks as opposed to $130
If it doesn't all work they way I hope it will I'll go and grab the 175f-1 from adorama or B&H. (Now I know that it fits)