View Full Version : My K-5 - A few questions before I post some snaps...

21-12-2010, 3:23pm
I received my K-5 and Sigma 50mm 1.4 on Friday and happily spent the entire weekend playing with it. Resultantly, I have a few questions:

I am unable to find the current Firmware Revision/Version listed in the Camera Menu. Did I miss something when I read the manual? - Ok, read the whole sticky re: Firmware and found that you can get to it by powering on + holding menu button. Is this still valid for the K-5 though?
The camera makes a rattling (sliding & 'clack'ing) noise when I turn the camera from side to side. Is this normal?

Hope someone can answer these questions.

21-12-2010, 3:54pm
1. Download the firmware from Pentax - the readme in the zip file tells you how to do the upgrade - make sure the battery is 100% when you do it

2. Yes, the sensor shakes - its the dust removal system working - all Pentax goodness

21-12-2010, 4:00pm
Thanks Kym, appreciate it. Was a bit worried something was 'loose', as that is what it sounds like (even my girlfriend commented when she was having a play).

22-12-2010, 11:19pm

is it the dust removal or the shake reduction? ie moving sensor clunking when its not held by presumably magnets, ie is locked in when taking a photo or SR is switched off. The dust removal tends to be a higher pitch noise?

either way its all good as all pentax dslrs do it



23-12-2010, 2:26pm
When you turn on it shakes rattles and rolls, attempting to shake any dust off the sensor.

When you squeeze the shutter release, it adjusts for movement based on the piezoelectric gyros (solid state), i.e. Shake reduction.
Note: Pentax will get more shots from a battery charge than a VR/IS canikon as the VR/IS means motors constantly adjusting the lens, whereas Pentax do it only when the shutter actuates.

Dust Removal: DR II (K-7 onwards) works using and ultrasonic vibration of the low pass filter, there is a sticky strip below the sensor that catches the dust.

23-01-2011, 6:19pm
To find the bios version, hold the menu button while turning on the camera.