View Full Version : Help - It has been a long time - First film to be developed soon

19-12-2010, 11:59am
OK, so my film and chemical has arrived, Ilford FP-4, HP-5 and some XP-2 along with some LC29 and Rapid fixer.

So are there any pitfalls that I may not remember about, I haven't run film through a developer for more years than I care to remember

At 1+19, the charts are calling for a 6 minute development time, is this good or should I run at 1+29 for 8 minutes, what will the differences be ?

Any way off to find a subject or 2 so as to expose the film I want to develop

19-12-2010, 3:47pm
Only real problem i had was using developer that was used a week previously, and didnt develop the film properly.

19-12-2010, 3:52pm
yeah mine is fresh, so that shouldn't be a problem