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24-11-2010, 9:58am
Two detailed reviews:

10 out of 10 score
The 7d and D7000 both scored 9 out of 10

'highly recommended' 4.5 out of 5
The 7d got same over all score, but half a point less in value for money.
The d7000 got the same over all score but half a point less in features.

Dynamic range example of what you can do with 14.1 EVs

An unbiased review (overview?) from http://www.pentaxforums.com/pentax_k-5_review.php ;)

Post the reviews as they come in!

25-11-2010, 8:24pm
Thanks Kym
I'll have a good read and a longer dream.

04-12-2010, 5:32pm
i stopped dreaming and just bought it...:D

15-12-2010, 3:23pm
I cancelled my order for a D7000 and went for the K-5 last week! Looking forward to it arriving, and playing and learning.

Turns out it may have been a good decision too, turns out my father still has some Pentax glass packed away (hasn't been used for almost 20 years... so fingers crossed its compatible!). Hopefully gets here before Christmas :)

Thanks for the reviews!

15-12-2010, 4:48pm
It'll be compatible one way or another; worst case you'll need a screw mount adapter.

But do check it for fungus before you get it anywhere near your new stuff!

- Peter

15-12-2010, 4:52pm
I agree re: checking for fungus especially as you live in the tropics!

http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/showthread.php?30767-Manual-K-and-M42-mount-lenses-on-K-7-K-x-K-m-K20D-K10D-K200D-K1x0D-*ist-Dx-etc. (how to use older lenses)

15-12-2010, 6:24pm
Appreciate the information Kym & Peter - I'll definitely check for the fungus and compatibility. Cheers :food04:

15-12-2010, 6:27pm
Lens fungus is viral, put a lens with fungus on you camera, then put another lens on your camera - you end of with 3 infected items.

Consider silica gel desiccant etc to pack with your gear in the tropics (and replace it when needed)

18-12-2010, 5:43pm


Overall score 83%

The Pentax K-5's compact, solid body, generally well thought-out ergonomics, comprehensive feature set and excellent image quality, in both still and movie modes make it one of the best APS-C DSLRs currently on the market.

It is hard to find a negative thing to say about the Pentax K-5. Most of our criticisms are very minor, and as a consequence we would wholeheartedly recommend the camera to any Pentax user. It is an interesting camera, with an excellent feature set, and one which is capable of producing images which are up there with the best of its competition. It is fast, responsive, and very enjoyable to use, and its key systems are as reliable as we would expect from a camera at this level and price point.

18-12-2010, 5:51pm
German... http://spezial.magnus.de/e-paper/colorfoto/

Pentax schlägt Canon & Nikon

Translation: Pentax kicks Canon & Nikon butts (close enough)

18-12-2010, 6:03pm
German... http://spezial.magnus.de/e-paper/colorfoto/

Translation: Pentax kicks Canon & Nikon butts (close enough)

Till the frog leaps over again.

31-12-2010, 5:54pm
Not sure where to post this but I will ask here.
Currently I have a Canon S3IS and am looking at moving on. I used to be a SLR bloke in film days and have amongst my old gear some Pentax lenses.
The Canon and Nikon are large compared with my S3IS and have become used to small and compact in my use. Bushwalks and just general scrub bashing to get somewhere to look at something.
Not really interested in movies, but make use of it on odd ocasions. Love my closeups and kids photos and naturally the great outdoors of Tasmanian bush.

My query is why do others chose Pentax over 'the recognised brands'. This is NOT a baiting session and my meaning is that I know full well the opinions of those with 'more superior gear'.
I'm after quality and as I peer through quality glass all day when out working (surveying) I know the value of lenses that work in low light, haze and are clear and sharp from 1m to infinity.

Pentax users I would appreciate your 'sell' on this as I like the Pentax DLSR's but am yet to be fully swayed on their quality - image & build.
Whilst reviews are very valuable, personal use and experiences mean far more to me.
I know a camera does not make a photographer and a good photographer can probably make a Box Brownie 'sing' in photographic terms ie.

Your input is much valued and appreciated thanks.

I @ M
31-12-2010, 9:50pm
Pentax users I would appreciate your 'sell' on this as I like the Pentax DLSR's but am yet to be fully swayed on their quality - image & build.

Can a non Pentax owner offer an opinion?


If your hands fit the current Pentax bodies and they feel comfortable then given your brief of close ups, kids and landscapes I reckon either the K7 or the K5 are going to work very well for you.

As for the image and build quality question, there simply isn't one as the two models mentioned above produce excellent images and I think that you would be hard pressed to find anyone complaining about the build quality of the bodies.

31-12-2010, 9:56pm
if the Canon and Nikon offerings are feeling too large compared to you S3IS, then the K-5 is not going to be any better.
The K-5 is a big body and relatively heavy, but only because it feels as if it is built like a tank.

From a Canon user point of view, I have found that the major buttons/controls fall nicely to hand when holding and demonstrating the K-5, it truly is a serious bit of kit.

Maybe the K-r would be more to you liking if after a smaller more compact body, don't have one in the shop yet, but the predecessor, the K-x again was a nice bit of kit.

31-12-2010, 10:05pm
The K-7 / K-5 body is smaller than the K20D, but Mark is correct, they are solid, In part due to weather sealing andmagnesium alloy covers over a rugged stainless steel chassis.


We always suggest people hold a camera before buying. It has to feel right. Eg. Canon (to me) feels too plastic.

14-01-2011, 1:10pm
Adorama review


Conclusion and recommendation

After shooting exhaustively with the Pentax K-5, I conclude that it is a robust, reliable, beautifully made, very well thought out, high-performance camera that provides an impressive array of features along with prosumer-level performance at a very attractive price point.

In terms of value in this fiercely competitive sector of the market, it may not quite be unequalled, but it is definitely unsurpassed. When you consider the calibre of some of its recently introduced competitors, that’s really saying something.

The bottom line: Any advanced shooter who is not heavily invested in another system should seriously consider the Pentax K-5, especially if body build, a fast framing rate, high-ISO performance, and quiet operation are deciding factors.

16-01-2011, 7:59am
Mountain Lover - I think that many people are sold on the quality of Pentax vintage glass - particularly the prime lenses from the last 30+ years - that are compatible with all new Pentax Dslr's. You will have to use them in manual modes - but you can pick up quality prime lenses (such as the 50mm 1.7) for about $100, so this aspect appeals to people on a budget. The K-x is also a small dslr in comparable terms (so would suit your requirement for a smaller camera) - but all reviews of it have rated it far superior to its Nikon and Canon counterparts in the same (entry level) price category. I don't think you would be dissapointed if you spent $600 on a new K-x with a kit lens (or better) or a little bit more for a K-r. Not a lot of money to spend in terms of photographic equipment. I am still a relatively newbie to photography - but I have been very impressed with the quality of images my K-x have given me over the last 5 months. However, keep in mind that all dslrs - regardless of brand will do the job and give you good images - it is just what camera system feels best suits your requirements. Happy shopping:)

25-01-2011, 11:35pm