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29-10-2010, 6:36pm
Hi Guys,

I currently have a Nikon D5000, and D90 (I have also had a D40, D50, D70 and D80).

I'm curious about Pentax, and wouldn't mind having a crack at one just for fun... if it works out and I really love it I might jump ship and sell all of my Nikon gear.

The K7 looks like a lovely camera, yet from what I can tell the low light performance isn't great.

The new K5 looks really nice - but I'm not comfortable dropping that sort of dough just on a test.

I was thinking - hey - the K-x looks like a nice camera, is supposed to have great low light performance (better than K7?) seems to have a decent sensor (the same Sony sensor as my D90 and D5000?) and looks like great value.

Would the K-x with one decent lens be a good buy to test Pentax as a system?

The idea would be, try the K-x out. If I don't like it, flip it on eBay. If I love it, keep it as a knock about body and grab a K5 when the prices have stabilised a bit.

What do Pentax shooters think or recommend... What am I missing here?

I've never so much as held a Pentax but am thinking it'd be fun to give it a try.


29-10-2010, 8:49pm
I'll dispel one myth. K-7 is similar to the D300 in LL performance - in raw.
The issue with LL is in JPEG mode where the in camera NR leaves more detail (and more noise) than other brands.

K-x is very good, and all reports the K-r is even better

29-10-2010, 9:03pm
the camera doesnt make the picture, stay with the nikons - just take more photos.


29-10-2010, 10:55pm
If it's absolute ISO quality that you want stay with Nikon, and spend your money on a D700! This way all your current lenses still work with the new body(YEP! even the Dx lenses)

There's nothing wrong with jumping ship.. just do it for the right reasons!

30-10-2010, 12:23pm
Why not, a lot of people run 2 systems, really depends on what type of photos you are into.

A lot of people like me got into Pentax because the bodies were/ are cheap compared with other systems but then find the good modern DA & DA* glass are as expensive or more expensive than the other systems - they end up using 3rd party glass.

If I could throw a lot of money @ photography would I stay with Pentax - not sure. I have used Nikon and love the build quality on most but not all models. I would suggest there is no perfect camera system, Pentax has its faults but so does every other camera system.

If I listened to only Camera Shop sales staff then like the 75% out there I would use Canikon. But then when I bought my first DSLR - Pentax K100d the only other Camera I seriously considered was the Nikon d40 on price, but comparison ended quickly.

Not sure though if I could afford a Nikon d700 I would be settling for a 5mp image using DX glass as Arthur is suggesting.

Not sure if this helps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lance B
30-10-2010, 1:38pm
I shoot both systems, Nikon and Pentax. I have a D700 and a K-7 and some off the best lenses both systems have to offer, so I am a little unbiased as I like both systems. I believe Pentax is better ergonomically and easier to use, but the Nikon is faster all round, slightly better built and I like FF.

I really don't think anything will be gained by jumping from a Nikon D5000 to a Pentax K-x. They use similar sensors (if not the same?) and will have very similar output, DR and noise results as as such, I think it would be a waste. If you were to jump to a K-5, then I could see some sense in your decision as you would gain DR, noise, feature and build quality advantages. The same would apply to an upgrade to the Nikon D700 or D7000.

30-10-2010, 11:50pm
Thanks for the comments so far everyone :) Keep 'em coming.

I'll post in more detail tomorrow night as I'm posting from my phone in a hotel room in Zhengzhao, China after a day at the Shaolin temple! :)

I'll be back in my apartment tomorrow night and will have my laptop in front of me then.


30-10-2010, 11:52pm
Sorry, double post :)

31-10-2010, 10:22am
Wow it always amazes me how many Canikon owners become so paranoid about someone going to different brand - it's akin to some religous cults who take exception to members leaving the flock. I suppose I can't talk as I chose Pentax because I like to be different and Pentax as a Brand suits my personality - and at the time the Pentax blew that toy Canon 350D out of the water (just wasn't given a go due to lack of marketing)

Have a go at the Pentax it is a great camera you will probably find it is not much different from a Nikon or a canon - but Pentax does have some very fine prime lenses and remeber evry Pentax lens has "VR" due to the in body shake reduction.

31-10-2010, 11:28pm
Thanks for the comments so far.

Firstly, I like my Nikons just fine - I get good results from them and enjoy using them. I'm certainly not saying I'm hoping to be a better photographer by dropping one brand and going to another! :lol:

What I am saying is that it could be fun to try something different, and something a little less mainstream appeals to me.

If I try the Pentax and hate it, I can flip the K-x on eBay. If I love it, then I might consider a wholesale switch.

I don't think my images will be any better in *absolute* quality than my D5000 or D90... similarly, I don't think a D700 or D7000 would buy me any better photos either :D

I'm just trying to get my head around the Pentax lens series at the moment and am thinking about which lens I might pair with a K-x (or maybe K-r) to begin with. A fast normal prime tickles my fancy - maybe something like my Nikon 35mm f/1.8?

I still haven't had an "in the flesh" look at a Pentax yet, but I'll try and find one to have tinker with.


01-11-2010, 12:00am
Wow it always amazes me how many Canikon owners become so paranoid about someone going to different brand ....


Actually I look forward to it. the more the merrier. Hopefully the secondhand gear will become saturated with Nikon gear that no one wants because they've all jumped ship.. for me(a decidedly insane Nikon devotee) this is good news. Cheaper Nikon gear to purchase(I am financially impaired :D) :th3:

having the option of permanent optical stabilisation is definitely a plus, and that's something Canikon users would really all love to have access too... despite what they want Sony/Pentax cultees to believe.
Anyone not wanting access to more (switchable)features should get their heads professionally assessed! :p

In some situations: having only 5 million extrememly high quality pixels to capture minimal light may be the advantage(fun??)(as an example) ... compared to say the ability to capture 14 millions pixels worth of garbage!!
There is a common saying in photography circles that if you get garbage in, you get garbage out.
This is is not a put down of Pentax cameras abilities... but a counter to the common and incorrect notion that you need more pixels.
in some situations, you can have too many pixels, you do realize this don't you Kev!

If you want flexibility in shallower DOF, and lower light photography, the D700 is a better option.
if you want access to some of those really cool sounding M42 lenses(without the requirement for adapters that can degrade IQ) then you need a Pentax.

I'd personally love a 645D and three specific lenses for myself.. so I have no bias against Pentax(far from it!!)
In fact, I can tell ya up front, had I not been financially incapacitated, I'd have one already :th3: ..... as opposed to a D3x that is.( I think one of, if not THE most over priced DSLR's available! :action:)

01-11-2010, 8:17am
G'day Eb

I have read the above thread & responses with interest ...
I am surprised a bit ... I read that you are o/seas at the moment, but-

why do you not simply ask for a fellow AP near your home town to get together with you for a weekend shooting session whereby you can 'borrow' a camera for the weekend with no more $ involved than a swap bottle of red or something ??

Regards, Phil

01-11-2010, 10:41am
That's a good idea Phil, thanks for the suggestion. I'm pretty new to AP, and haven't met any members yet - but when I get home I'd like to attend a GTG for sure. If any of the Melbourne members are Pentax shooters that might be a good opportunity for me to have a closer look.

Jorge Arguello
01-11-2010, 2:05pm

I borrowed from friends some DSLR: Canon, Pentax and Nikon. While using each them I found them very good. I haven’t changed my gear but at least I tested other brands and I compared results... :) I really enjoyed it, and I think you will.

Changing after 6 Nikon cameras sounds interesting. I agree with Phil, if you can arrange to use different brand it will help you to decide.
Don’t forget to share your experience.

01-11-2010, 5:15pm
Sounds like a fun experiment. I've tried Nikon, Canon and Pentax cameras and they all felt different. The K-x won my heart partly because of its plucky can-do attitude, but mainly because it felt right when it was in my hands. Will be interesting to hear your thoughts when you get your hands on one.

01-11-2010, 5:25pm
im curious about women, doesnt mean i want to be one :)

01-11-2010, 5:41pm
I'm starting to wonder why the post was even started.

01-11-2010, 6:21pm
I'm starting to wonder why the post was even started.

(...that would be thread, not post - I started the thread with it's first post)

I'm starting to wonder why you replied to it then...

I started it to ask Pentax shooters what they thought of the K-x as an introduction to the Pentax system.

Is that OK with you?


01-11-2010, 9:00pm
the only problem using a Kx rather than the K7 or K5 for a test...would be that the KX is a more basic body that the other two Ive mentioned. and that may tarnish your view of the Pentax gear..if it feels like a cheaper build etc...if your going to just judge the body on the images taken...then I see no problems, as the Kx is just as capable to take great images...its just not as robust as the K7/K5......thats why its cheaper I guess :rolleyes:

the pentax lenses system does have some holes in it... although these are filled with either Tamron or sigma offerings ....notably the 70-200 2.8 lenses ..they are good lenses but not as expensive as a canon 70-200 usm!

01-11-2010, 9:25pm
I'm on the mornington peninsula and have a k10d (not for low light) but a pentax none the less. Its just a trip up or down eastlink and I have not shot with a nikon yet.

02-11-2010, 2:34am
Thanks robz - I'll be home from China in a couple of weeks - it would be great to have a get together.



07-11-2010, 7:54pm
Like LanceB, Mongo shots both Nikon and Pentax and has for many years. Mongo too has accumulated some of the best lenses made by both manufacturers. They are as good as each other in many respects.

Mongo agrees with Lance’s summary of the two brands – Mongo also agrees with Arthur that it is OK to change brands but if you do , do it for the right reason(s) , if there are any.

im curious about women, doesnt mean i want to be one :)
Mongo is not so sure Kiwi – you have looked quite alluring in that red dress you were flaunting at the races last week. But beware Kiwi because in the context of this thread, it also involves changing your personal equipment ! :D :eek:

Mongo also agrees with Kiwi – curiosity does not a change make or justify

I @ M
07-11-2010, 8:07pm
im curious about women, doesnt mean i want to be one :)

Sorry, can you repeat that please Priscilla .:rolleyes:

21-01-2011, 3:21pm
I have a K-x, and find it an excellent camera.
Paired with my Sigma 24-70 F2.8, it takes excellent quality images and even the 2 kit lenses I got with it are better than I thought they would be and also take good photos.
I also have a Canon D60 and 60D but use the Pentax for fun days out, when I'm just snapping, rather than taking serious photos.
It's light weight and easy to use, and I've recommended it to a few of my friends and their kids as a great camera to get into SLR's.
I bought my K-x in white, and it looks a treat.
Great fun and a very capable camera, especially for the price.
Just don't buy a boring black one.....................

21-01-2011, 4:58pm
Wow it always amazes me how many Canikon owners become so paranoid about someone going to different brand - it's akin to some religous cults who take exception to members leaving the flock. LOL...

enter the chorus of pentax users in their best zombie voice: JOIN US.... JOOOIIN USSSSS!!!!! :p :stir

to be honest. there is no harm in trying a different brand and if you have the do$h then why not. I wouldnt expect better of worse photos, basically cause it comes down to the guy/girl holding the camera...
go for it!

23-04-2012, 2:03pm
Sorry to dig up this thread a year + on, but I thought I'd drop by and provide an update.

In the end I decided not to do anything for a while, and kept shooting with my Nikons (I bought and shot a D7000 for a short time also). The K-5 was too pricey for a fling, and I didn't see enough in a K-x at the time.

Enter a few weeks ago, when I decided it was time to upgrade the D90 after all. I revisited my Pentax curiosity and found some screaming deals on the K-5, so I dropped an order on a K-5 with the 1-55mm WR last week.

In short, I'm LOVING it! :D Very nice camera. I like it so much, I've just ordered a K-r to go along side it for a fun little body to use for family snaps.

Great fun ;)

23-04-2012, 4:49pm
Welcome to the close knit group of folk who choose to use Pentax.

I jumped ship from Canon, after nearly forty years, to a K20D, and have recently upgraded to a K5. Like you, I'm also LOVING IT.

I have maybe above average size hands and found the K5 a little small for me to hold, particularly with a heavier lens on the front, so I invested in a genuine Pentax D-BG4 battery grip. What a difference it made, shooting in portrait mode is now a breeze, and the whole outfit now seems more balanced. The knock-offs, for about 1/3 of the price of the factory grip, also seem to get good feedback, although they are not weather resistant, and often offer less features. Plus the grip makes you look like a serious professional type photographer. Derrr. :lol2: Seriously, a really great bit of add-on kit.

You are now also able to avail yourself of some of the best OEM lens available, irrespective of any brand affiliation. Any Pentax lens made in the last forty years will fit your new K5, however you will have to go manual with any 'M42', 'K', 'M' or 'A' series lens, although if you want to go semi-auto, with most you can pick the aperture and ISO, and tell the camera to pick the shutter speed.
Personally, I prefer to shoot in full manual mode when using older lens.

I'm retired, and probably spend more time thinking about what to do than actually doing it, but in saying that I've acquired a fair amount of useful (useless ?) info on the Pentax range of gear. If I can help you in any way, please ask and I'll do my best not to confuse you.

A useful link to all things Pentax. I never buy anything without some research on this site beforehand.


Welcome aboard, there's not a lot of us here, but we are a fairly parochial group.

23-04-2012, 7:28pm
I found this thread quite an interesting read as it bought back memories of many camera brands that have since left the market. I sooooo nearly bought Pentax 30 years ago but went with Minolta as back then Nikon was a lot more expensive than these two brands. I don't think Camon had the established reputation back then but my memory may be failing. If I had gone with Pentax, maybe I never would have bought a Nikon as I would still have been able to use my lenses. :angry0:

Anyway, back then I am sure nobody really cared what brand of camera you had, it was all about the photos you took!

23-04-2012, 9:45pm
Thanks Kevin - and thanks for the grip tip ;)

I've registered at Pentax forums, and had a bit of a poke around there as well.


24-04-2012, 4:28pm
Kr. It has what little is missing on a kx. They're discontinued this year....u might get one cheaper.

Invest in good lenses and u should be happy

I do believe the k5 is very good too.....higher megapixels and all I think

24-04-2012, 5:43pm
Check a couple of posts above... I picked up my K-5 last week and will be able to pick up my K-r in a couple of days ;)


24-04-2012, 6:00pm
Check a couple of posts above... I picked up my K-5 last week and will be able to pick up my K-r in a couple of days ;)


Wonderful! Welcome Pentaxian :D

24-04-2012, 6:24pm

Thanks Kerrie! ;)

26-04-2012, 7:04pm
Just picked up my K-r this afternoon! Obviously has loads more "Mum and Dad" features than the K-5, but underneath all of that it seems very capable.


So, now I have the K-5 with the DA 18-55mm + 50-200 WR (50-200 is on the way) lenses.

... and the K-r with the DAL 18-55 and 50-200 lenses.

Now to start saving up for some Limited primes perhaps, or maybe a fast telephoto zoom. The DA 35mm f/2.4 looks extremely good value too!


I'm very happy, and wrapped with my new Pentax gear so far after around 7 years of shooting Nikon (still like Nikon very much I must say, but I'm loving Pentax so far... it'll be interesting to see how I feel in a couple of months when the honeymoon's over).