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I @ M
28-10-2010, 4:02am
Both programs have been updated, ostensibly to make them compatible with newer model bodies but as has been seen in the past they seem to slip in a few fixes and not tell anybody. :D

Updated software (http://nikonasia-en.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/nikonasia_en.cfg/php/enduser/std_alp.php?p_sid=4Is3uBoj&p_lva=&p_li=&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_page=1&p_cv=1.224&p_pv=&p_prods=0&p_cats=224&p_hidden_prods=&prod_lvl1=0&cat_lvl1=224&p_search_text=&p_new_search).

Interestingly, the problem that I was having with D2x mode 1 ( I was the only person in the whole world with the problem according to Nikon ) has vanished as soon as the upgrade was installed at 2:00 am this morning. :rolleyes:

28-10-2010, 8:12am
Maybe youre the only one still using nx tho andrew ?...oh...maybe ak too

28-10-2010, 8:39am
Thanks for the heads up Andrew

I have updated my programmes

NX2 for me renders Nikon NEF files in a more lifelike way than any other process i have tried , and having Jason O'Dells books etc i have learnt to do a lot more with the program and find myself using Photoshop only on very rare occaisions

Thanks again for the heads up


28-10-2010, 2:31pm
Maybe youre the only one still using nx tho andrew ?...oh...maybe ak too

Me?? :confused013 .. WhadIdo?.. why ewe always pick'n on me?

I gave up on NX ages ago!... haven't touched the stuff for a long time now. Ooooh!.... lookie at this strange occurrence ... it's snowing in hell too now! :D

28-10-2010, 10:07pm
Did you guys have to enter your product lock key when you upgraded to the new version?
There has been a lot of discussion on another forum about this but it mainly relates to illegal keys obtained from a particular web site.

29-10-2010, 12:24am
I didn't have to enter any product key again(for CNX obviously!!.. as VNX is free :D).

All went as smooth as a blue background at ISO100 :p ..

01-11-2010, 8:20pm
I found that on the Nikon asia site has a free version of View NX2 ,so Im thinking that I can upgrade to this version? Correct me if Im wrong and why


I @ M
01-11-2010, 8:24pm
I found that on the Nikon asia site has a free version of View NX2 ,

View NX, version 1 and 2 etc. have always been free programs.
They are the default viewing programs supplied with Nikon cameras.

02-11-2010, 11:12am
Does the new viewnx work with snow leopard OS on a Mac?
I think my workflow has left it behind now but occasionally it would be useful just for showing the focuspoint

02-11-2010, 11:17am
Mac requirements listed for VNX are:
Mac OS X versions 10.4.11, 10.5.8 and 10.6.4 .. whatever that means

02-11-2010, 1:33pm
Means it should work, thanks

02-11-2010, 2:43pm
View NX, version 1 and 2 etc. have always been free programs.
They are the default viewing programs supplied with Nikon cameras.

Yes I knew that software was included but none was 2nd hand and the seller didn't possible include the software,sorry but my meaning wasn't stated but with the d/l from Nikon is it possible that the software will upgrade,because it stated that product key may be required


I @ M
02-11-2010, 6:18pm
I think that the product keys only apply to the programs that you have to pay for such as Capture NX and Camera control pro.

I have never seen anything regarding product keys for any of the free Nikon software so you should have no problems installing it.

08-11-2010, 11:42pm
Hi this is my first post here.:party6:

I've be keen on photography for the last 40 years or more. In that time my cameras haven been reatively modest (inexpensive) Miranda (SLR :p), Mamya (TLR :D), Nikon (SLR 50mm :cool:), Sony (CD :rolleyes:), Pentax (CD :rolleyes:), Nikon (DSLR :)).

I've been using ViewNX2 version 2.03, that I downloaded from Nikon site "www.nikon.com.au". It was the 2nd version that I have downloaded from that site. The inital copy came with the camera. I've processed about 2,000 images converting to JPEG and retouching many. Like the 2 prior versions I used, it regularly crashes for me, originally on my Vista 32 bit laptop and then on my Windows 7 64 bit desktop. It crashes, perhaps once per hour, or randomly but at a rate of about every 50 to 100 NEF to JPEG conversions. :(

Except for the crashes I find it productive and relatively easy to use. For me it is a huge improvement from the 1.x version I started with but I wish they would fix the crashes and also provide the NEF driver for 64 bit Windows 7. :)

09-11-2010, 12:48am
ViewNX is a funny 'ol program.
Obviously in need of some proper coding I reckon, certainly not 100% stable for some folks, and I've had my (small) share of problems with it over the years. I had troubles with v1.5, but never any issues with the latest versions, nor v1.4 being the version prior to 1.5(obviously). I had this insane issue where in v1.5 would see ViewNX crash immediately on opening any folder with images in it :confused:
That was on my old PC.. but since I've had this new PC running(Win7_64, on all new hardware) I've never had any issues with it.. approx 6months and counting. And that includes v1.5, which crashed badly on me on my old PC.

I'm reckoning that there is a software incompatibility with your current system, rather than ViewNX being the issue per se .. so they(whoever the programming folks are??) really need to get with the program and understand that other software also need to work on the PC as well! :action:
I can safely tell 'ya that no matter how hard I've tried, I can't seem to get any of the versions since v1.4 of ViewNX to crash on my current PC, and I'm talking about processing/converting/re-processing and re-re-processing hundreds of images at one time.
I've taken 400 NEFs and processed them with a few edit steps like WB, then reprocessed a few with various other steps such as Picture Control steps,and then reprocessed various files again using other processing steps... where I may have 400 files being processed with one step, and 100 other files waiting to be processed with another couple of steps and then another set of files with more editing steps.. I was assuming that somewhere along the line something would snap and the program would grind to a complaining halt.. but all I ultimately get is hundreds of files being processed as the edit steps require, maybe an hour or two later.. but the program, nor the PC have ever crashed.. so I gave up trying to find a problem.

The NEF codec isn't actually required for 64bit windows, as the 32bit version works well enough. Of course a 64bit version would be more ideal, but I suspect until that until VNX and CaptureNX eventually go 64bit themselves, the 32bit version is going to have to suffice.
If you want a fast simple and quite effective image browser, also try FastStone's FSViewer. So far, one of the best I've used for browsing images(it displays the embedded jpgs of the NEFs, with lots of speed). It's totally useless as a NEF to raster converter tho, and I never use it other than to resize or resave difficult jpg images(where CNX or VNX refuse to save them to less than 250kb's with decent quality).
I find ViewNX(on my current system) to be as fast as any other program tho, so I'm relying on other programs much less.

I find it annoying to hear of bugs in VNX, but not annoying to hear of the complaints from the users, annoying from the point of view that there is no excuse for software to be buggy. I currently use ViewNX in a dual screen setup too, where thumbnails are displayed on my secondary screen, and the full view of the image is displayed on my primary screen.. really cool and useful for sorting images :th3:
But of all the software that bugged me most is(was) LightRoom v3, where it crashed regularly when I used dual screen mode :confused013 .. so I'm thinking.. why me?

I'm also currently trying out(for kicks! :p) a freeware program called Raw Threrapee. So far, it's quite a handful. and I am using the current v3 alpha version(32bit only for me ATM, as I don't have an i7 processor, and the download version compiled for i7 specific 64bit Windoze'es, doesn't work with my AMD processor! :() It looks OK.. hasn't yet crashed heavily, it stopped responding at one stage, and needs a lot of fine tuning. Is very slow and uses a ton of CPU time(but it is 32bit, if that makes any difference). I've almost finished creating a specific profile that mimics Nikon's Standard Picture Control image setting, and is quite close to looking similar to how Nikon's software renders an NEF with Standard picture control setting. It's a lot of stuffing about tho.
I can see this software as a great RAW to image converter for those that use something like the GIMP too. Not quite there yet, but looks promising.

With your ViewNX crashes, do you get an error message to go with it?