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25-10-2010, 6:41pm
just wondering what some people's opinions are on the Tamron 90mm macro lens as i am looking to buy and not sure weather to go for the Tamron or Canon 100mm

25-10-2010, 9:02pm
Both are nice, pretty much just as sharp as one another. The canon doesn't extend when focussing which gives it the plus for me, and the USM focus is very quick and very quiet which also gives in the edge. But if your budget can only stretch to the Tamron, don't freak out, it is still a nice lens :)

old dog
25-10-2010, 9:23pm
tamron is probably the best value and a great lens. Highly recommended.....esp by me...:D

28-10-2010, 10:28pm
Thanks for starting this thread Charlie! :)
I was about to ask a very similar question.

I don't know much about macro lenses, would any of you wise ones know whether there is another thread hidden amongst the multitude here giving basic info about them or whether there are any good web resources about explaining what to look for and what sort of things are available?

The Tamron does look tempting though doesn't it?

28-10-2010, 10:54pm
i us e the tamron and find it great but i have not used the canon
cheers macca

29-10-2010, 2:00am
Many photographers buy a lens knowing it's not the choice they'd make if money was no object. In that case, for the lens they can afford at the time, re-sale would probably eventuate.

Being a more popular item, that would post another plus for the Canon. (It already has pluses for build quality, its non-extending focal mechanism, and for being an all round snappier performer.)

Consensus is: Canon lenses for Canon bodies. The 3rd parties, out of necessity, would build for price and allow greater engineering tolerances (which might explain the number of malcontents among, for example, Sigma lens buyers).

In terms of image quality the Canon 100 and the Tamron 90 are both stellar lenses for 1:1 macro as well as portraits.

It seems to me that the Tamron produces more golden tones than the cooler colours recorded through the Canon. If anything this might give the Tamron an edge when using these lenses for portraits.

Now that the Canon 100 L Macro is out, it places the Tamron further down the pecking order. But if your eyes are firmly fixed on getting the photo, there is absolutely no need to feel short-changed by acquiring the Tamron.

One thing to bear in mind for people launching into "macro" photography... often the attraction will be something like the eyes of a fly. Investigate Canon's MP-E 65mm (http://www.the-digital-picture.com/reviews/canon-mp-e-65mm-1-5x-macro-lens-review.aspx) to make sure it's not the lens you should be buying.

Also be aware that macro shooting can put demands on the way a subject needs to be lit (sometimes the lens itself casts shadow across the subject).

Hope all that helps...

30-10-2010, 9:03pm
I have the Canon 100mm macro and it is a great lens, no doubt about that, but will just about always require a tripod or a flash with it. I dont have the tamron to compare but getting sharp shots while hand holding the 100mm can be a challenge.

31-10-2010, 2:19pm
I have the 100mmf2.8L Macro,it is a sweet lens,makes an excellent portrait lens as well,a sample.

Mary Anne
31-10-2010, 3:28pm
I have had a Tamron 90mm macro for six years and I reckon its done over 100,000 clicks probably many more its my most used lens and only now I am having problems and its not the lens fault but my new camera, its ok on my Canon 20D and 40D cropped frame sensor, but my new 5D Mk11 full frame sensor does not seem to like it, throwing the Error 1 message up that includes Use a Canon Lens.

Macro lens are light enough to hand hold for flowers, ducks, birds and very close ups if young, if you are err mature and shaky like me use a monopod or a tripod.

I will be buying a Canon macro soon looking towards the Canon MP-E 65mm Macro Lens again though still uncertain, if not then the 100mm macro not the L series one, not much use paying for IS when you cannot use IS when the camera is on a tripod, and when taking very close ups of insects I need a tripod..

Why don't you get on the Macro Forum and the Plants one and look at some of the pics posted by members and ask them what lens they used if you like what you see..

01-11-2010, 5:22pm
just wondering what some people's opinions are on the Tamron 90mm macro lens as i am looking to buy and not sure weather to go for the Tamron or Canon 100mm

Hi there

I have purchased the newis Canon 100mm Lf2.8 macro lens and it is a beauty.

Razor sharp images when taking hand held portraits ( great image stabililzer) .

I will post some tripod supported macro shots I have taken of some insects ( bee, and fly) for you to see. I also have sharp shots of a tiny ( 3mm) spider which I took using a rail imported from China.


02-11-2010, 5:01pm
I have the Canon 100mm f2.8 macro and love it.

Both are great lenses, go with what the finances allow and spend your time using it rather than deciding what to buy!