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20-10-2010, 3:23pm
Being only new to photography, Im keen to edit my photos, i just would like to know what the hue function does. If anyone can help out i would really apprecuiate it.:)

20-10-2010, 4:09pm
best advise i can give is try it and find out. you can always undo or cancel the result. that way you learn

20-10-2010, 4:12pm
When editing ALWAYS save to a different file, keep your originals intact.

Think about your worklfow as well... Learning Centre Workflow Putting it all together (http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/showthread.php?53310-Learning-Centre-Workflow-Putting-it-all-together)

20-10-2010, 9:12pm
the purpose and function of the hue adjustment may depend on your camera and or software(of choice).

On a Nikon, or using Nikon software adjustting hue adjusts the balance of magenta-green in the image.

if you lower(numerically) the hue value you add more magenta and conversely if you increase the hue value you add more green.

This(hue) basically goes hand in hand with the whitebalance adjustment tool(where whitebalance adjusts the blue-yellow balance in the image.

sometimes if you warm an image with a warmer(higher numbered) WB value, you may also be increasing the red channel as well, so if the image starts to look too red, lower the hue value to compensate.
(of course the opposite effect is also true as you lower the WB value and make the image cooler in colour.

as one person replied... adjust like crazy and see the changes for yourself.

Depending on what file format you're using editing, there can be a difference as to how effective the results can be when adjusting WB and hue.

always try to operate on your raw file for the best results, TIFF file for just a slight drop in quality and editing a jpg should really never be done if you want the highest quality file. Jpg's are great for a final save as format for uploading to the net, displaying on screen etc.

20-10-2010, 9:17pm
I've been shooting for a few years and rate myself as above average in post processing, and I have never felt the need to adjust hue.......there's much more common adjustments to master first I'd say

20-10-2010, 11:55pm
best advise i can give is try it and find out. you can always undo or cancel the result. that way you learn

Being a newbie too I definitely agree with mudman. I usually play around in photoshop and learn as I go. There is a lot on the net (ie. YouTube vids) about various editing techniques so you can always google for information.