View Full Version : Cactus V4 Transmitter appears to be cactus.

29-09-2010, 8:54pm
Does anyone know if I could send my Cactus V4 transmitter off for repair anywhere? I have changed all of my batteries with new ones and nothing seems to happen. The last time I fired it was when I was seeing if this sytem worked on my Sigma EF 460 super flash (which it did ). I should have probably checked the voltage for the flash but I had read that the V4's were compatible with the Sigma EF series of flashes.
Looking inside of the transmitter I can't see any obvious burn out points but the battery becomes very hot, very quickly, i.e. after say half a dozen attempts at trying to fire off a flash.
I purchased the set from ############## and haven't contacted them yet as I am pretty sure they are going to tell me I will have to replace the transmitter. Unfortunately it appears that you can't just buy the transmitter by itself so I would have to buy a whole new set.

Just thought I would run it by you guys first.

29-09-2010, 11:35pm
Hmmm... - I had a problem with loose battery connectors on my Cactus trigger (after I dropped it - oops),

Does it work when you press the button on the top (try it not connected to camera or flash) - the transmitter button should cause a led to come on on the receiver.

The battery getting hot is a worry - suggests too much current being drawn somehow - but I am confused as to how a problem with the transmitter is caused by the flash (which would have been attached to the receiver.)

Worst case, you buy a second Tx/Rx set - you can never have too many receivers even though you are really only replacing the transmitter. (I have already bought a second receiver. Soon, I'll go for a 3rd flash and receiver.)

29-09-2010, 11:52pm
Thanks Rob - no it dosn't work when I press the transmitter button when the flashes aren't attached to the receivers.

Looks like I'll have to buy a new one - that will give me three receivers .

04-10-2010, 7:03pm
if you want a cheap trigger I'd try out the Yongnuo RF-602's.


Pick em up on ebay very cheap. Much better than the cactus

05-10-2010, 8:56pm
Thanks Brodie - I have just ordered another Cactus set from Gadget Infinity. With USD as it is at the moment it only cost me less than $50 including postage. I had two receivers from when I initially bought the V4 set so I thought I might as well still put those to good use.
If this new transmitter only last another twelve months like the first one I will definitely change brands.

28-10-2010, 10:16am
Contact the guys at www.##############.com.au - they offer a 12 month warranty. They sell the RF602s as well, and warranty too those unlike most online sellers. Either brand will work well for most shooters.

28-10-2010, 7:10pm
Thanks Zac - I had already contacted them but I was unable to find my receipt to prove my purchase. Very annoying because I have kept every other receipt of my photographic purchases but I think it was just a few days out of warranty anyway. I have sinced purchased a new transmitter which I am putting to good use.