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24-09-2010, 11:01am
So... with a bad weather, a 1D, a 24-70mmL and a 100mmL Macro (both weather proof) and a idiot who willing to take pics in any condition, one would have thought I am well equiped for taking some very cool and dramatic weather pics....

Except: I don't know how. In fact I don't even know what and where to start :(

For people who has such experience on this board, can they give me some guide lines on where to start?

I am looking up in the google while I am typing this up, but all I found is pics with a thunder bolt :p

Thanks in advance for your comment

24-09-2010, 11:02am
google "storm chaser"

there are a few here that chase storms too out towards yummymummy land

24-09-2010, 11:07am
there are a few storm chasers on this forum, there is also an Australian storm chasers forum
http://www.stormchasing.com.au/ There are a few people on AP from Brisbane and surrounds that are very good at this stuff IMO, Have a look around when you find them maybe try and tag along on a few occasions and learn the ropes:D

24-09-2010, 9:11pm
I would consider myself a storm chaser in my spare time. What sorts of storms are you planning on trying to photograph? There really needs to be some knowledge of meteorology as well as a sound understanding of your gear (which I would assume you have as you have some nice gear). I'm constantly learning different weather patterns and I'm getting better at predicting when and where events will take place. If you have any specific questions please PM me as i'm happy to help any way I can. www.bom.gov.au and www.weatherzone.com.au are going to be your best friends, bookmark them and learn what each graph represents :) Hope this helped a bit

I @ M
24-09-2010, 9:43pm
For people who has such experience on this board, can they give me some guide lines on where to start?

Don't use umbrellas with carbon fibre handles, lightning loves them. :eek:

24-09-2010, 9:48pm
There are a few of us out this way as Kiwi said, Storm season is just starting up out here, forecast storms for Sunday arvy actually, and I'll be out right smack bang in the middle of it again :D Philr is the one you want to talk to too, he comes out this way, cause this is where most of the good storms are born :) :th3:
:efelant: bring on the summer storms! I can't wait! :th3:
A good place to start would be, next time you have a lightning storm about, pop your camera on your tripod, put it in AV mode, F 16 or there abouts, using a remote, point and shoot. unless you have a lightning trigger, MOST lightning shots are just flukes. ( unless of course you ask me, all mine were planned :D ;) )

24-09-2010, 9:50pm
I can capture lighting before it hits the ground
I'm the chuck norris of photography

24-09-2010, 9:51pm
you have brilliant ninja skills master Kiwi ;) :lol:

24-09-2010, 10:02pm
Be very careful!!! It is a VERY dangerous pastime and it is not as easy as some think it is. There are a lot of risks to person and property that many don't think about. There is also a lot of time and money put into this type of pastime/photography. I spent over 4 grand last year in fuel alone! There are a lot of backyard storm chasers who think they are great because they get lucky and the storms come to them!! But there is a lot more involved than that if you want to get the good stuff. I am thinking of holding a bit of a Storm Chasing photo tour a few times this season. It is yet to be decided but a mate and I are planning on doing something pretty cool to help people capture images like this (http://www.philrettkephotography.com/Australian-Weather/Supercells-and-Cloud/RAAF-Supercell/399867259_AHwUb-L-23.jpg)

24-09-2010, 10:20pm
Wow! Okay! I have no idea about meteorology but at least I can control my camera a little. Looks like it would be a great idea to join one of you guys instead of starting just by myself.

Please let me know when will be your next meeting etc and I am sure I am happy to join! :D

25-09-2010, 12:32am
talk to Xebadir on this site.
it's his obsession.

25-09-2010, 6:43am
With no knowledge of meteorology you are not in a very good position to go out and get pictures of these nasty storm systems. Have a look at the pages linked on this thread ie. BoM and WZ. The storms up there can be very dangerous and if caught in the middle of one could kill you, not just the lightning but the large hail that comes with some of them. Storms are very unpredictable, misjudge one and it could be your last. Get a little knowledge while out with others that have a little more experience.

I am not saying don't go, but be mindful that if you could get caught out. Knowledge of the track of storms help too, gives you an idea on what path to take. Mobile radar in your mobile phone is handy too...

25-09-2010, 2:13pm
I guess the weather photography is the 2nd dangerous thing to do from warfare journalist :p But for some reason it makes me more keen than ever. I am really keen to tag along with someone if possible :)