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15-09-2010, 1:14pm
Hi All.
I am considering taking the plunge into the DSLR realm. I thought, Hang the bulkiness! And now I'm thinking whether the Canon 60D is going to fit my value-for-money criteria. Previously I was only considering full-frame, the 5D-2 being the only almost affordable model. Trouble is by the time I could afford it the camera would be much older than it is now.

But about the 60D, I have read that it does not have micro-adjust focusing but that this is a firmware option. How important is this feature, and would its lack be fixed with an eventual firmware upgrade?

Secondly, what part of the Canon 7D makes it so fast in operation? Is it both lens and body? Or are the lenses alone the main driver? The two cameras have similar focusing functions according to DP Review.

And then, does 1920x1080 for movie mode mean Progressive in both the 7D and the 60D?

Essentially, what would you be missing on the 60D that the 7D has?

If it's of any help here are two links to the specs pages of DP Review for each camera.

Thanks, Am.



Art Vandelay
15-09-2010, 2:01pm
Without seeing tests yet, it would be reasonable assume because they have the same sensor & mega pickles, image quality would be the same, when using the same lens.

With regard to speed. The same lens would perform equally on either camera.

The 7D has more of a leaning to outdoors/sports.

Faster f/ps, 8 vs 5.3. (hence the dual processor vs the single processor on the 60D)

More AF points on the 7D, 19 vs 9.

More AF mode choices, the 7D has the smaller 'spot' AF point, plus the expanded single point or the groups of points in 'zones'.

Better weatherproofing on the 7D.

Personally, I like the micro adjustment as I've seen the difference can make, even if slight. Plenty of cameras have lived without before though.
Also the button layout looks odd on the 60D. Gone is the toggle switch for quickly moving the AF points.

The 60 D can be a wireless flash master, like the 7D, but only in a single group. The 7D does multi groups.

The 60D has the swivel LCD screen, which I suppose would be good for something. maybe movies or macro focusing ?

What's your main use ?

15-09-2010, 3:55pm
Thanks for your input Art. I was wondering about the dual processors, thinking it would lend a bit of zip to the 7D. I'm interested in almost everything except sport, but not completely excluding it. I just think that others do a better job there.

I guess I'm looking for something versatile and with pretty good IQ. I have a couple of long lenses f=400 and 500m, though not AF, that I'd like to get decent shots of (often distant) birds and other animals with. On a wider view, I like to get good shots of landscapes and some wide field celestial subjects.

You've given me some more things to look for in the reviews, and I can't wait for the full one on the 60D. Thanks, Am.

17-09-2010, 4:01pm
I'm in a similar position, in that I am considering the purchase of either the 60D or 7D. I am leaning towards the 60D as I don't "need" the extra FPS (although it would be nice). I am curious about any possible difference in the speed of the autofocus though. I guess this is something that we won't know until it is released? Also, I am still looking into the value of the different AF points and AF modes - not something I know a lot about.

Regardless of which I end up getting, I am sure they will both produce photos with a high enough quality for my liking!

Lenses will probably be the thing that limits quality in my case, as I plan to start affordable, and then upgrade to great quality in the future!

17-09-2010, 4:47pm
the AF and the 19 points is worth the extra in my opinion (if your doing lots of fast moving stuff)

but for an enthusiast than id just buy the 60...

the SD option only cheapens the camera...


17-09-2010, 7:22pm
Hmmm, interesting what you say about the SD card. Not something I had thought of. Why do you think it cheapens it? Wish direction is storage technology going at the moment? Are all cameras moving towards one type of storage or another?

18-09-2010, 10:55am
In my experience, CF (compact flash) cards are more stable and are much less prone to errors than are SD's. Any card with exposed terminals like an SD is prone to shorting out. CF cards are physically more robust tooThe move from CF to SD, in the Canon lineup, cheapens the 60D because all of the semi pro and pro cameras have had CF, and the recent trend has been the consumer level bodies now take SD. Plus they have removed a lot of features found in the 50D which is such a terrible move. Still, they will sell a lot to consumers wanting a bigger camera than their current ***D bodies. Go the 7D :)