View Full Version : Learning Darkroom

05-09-2010, 1:18pm
I'm interested in learning how to do darkroom processing as I am a film only user.
Does anyone know anywhere or someone in SE QLD where I can learn? I've already checked out the uni's I'm just wondering about other options.

05-09-2010, 2:20pm
I don't know about paid-for offerings in SEQ but DIY B&W is pretty simple. Have you checked out TAFE ? - they used to offer B&W darkroom beginners courses. There are already some excellent tutorials on how-to here on AP. The gear needed to start is cheap on ebay and I could donate a tank & a couple of reels if you need them. Then some chemicals and a thermometer and developing films is taken care of.

I can't help with colour but it you want to do some B&W dev at my place, let me know and we could tee something up. Printing is a bit more time consuming since I don't have a perm. darkroom set up at the moment and I'm also about to sell my house. Let me know if interested though.

09-12-2010, 6:37pm
have you checked out BCPA? http://www.bcpa.com.au