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26-08-2010, 2:02pm
Tossing up between a Benro Model: C-257 M8 and a Benro Model: C-297 M8 carbon tripod.

The 298 is only $15 dearer and 23gms heavier and has a centre column that pivots off to the side for Macro etc. so it seems a no brainer to go for it. But i no nothing about them.

Any one have an opinion?

These are also 3 section and there is a four section model of each available which is only $15 dearer again and folds down a bit smaller but is a bit heavier, for which reason i lean towards the 3 section tripods i think even though they are longer - again any opinions?

26-08-2010, 2:31pm
I recently purchased a Benro Carbon Fibre Monopod + small Benro ball head (here in Sydney) (which I've blogged about here: http://www.rc.au.net/blog/2010/07/29/new-benro-carbon-fibre-monopod/) - and have been very happy with it.

28-08-2010, 3:51pm
Hi jbee,

I own the C-297 M8 and B-2 ballhead and I love it.(photo attached)
I use a Sigma 50-500 for sports and it is rock solid.(photo sample attached)
I actually went into Photo Shop Studio and once I started to use it, I bought it on the spot.
The C-297 (3 section) felt more stable than the C-298 (4 section), as the smallest leg section is 20mm diameter instead of 16mm diameter.
It is light and comes with a tripod bag, steel spikes and the bag strap can be used on the tripod itself to carry it without the bag.
The pivoting centre column is very stable.
I hope this helps.

29-08-2010, 12:45am
That's precicely what I wanted to know , thanks for that . Just one question is the extra length of the 3 section all that noticible when folded and over your shoulder or strapped to a pack?

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I @ M
29-08-2010, 9:41am
My personal opinion would be for the 3 section 'pod working on the theory that the less joints and thicker tubes of the 3 section one would add to stability.

29-08-2010, 9:28pm

To be honest, I didn't take notice in the folded size comparison as I was mainly looking at weight and sturdiness.
Here is a photo of it attached to my Lowepro Flipside 400.

29-08-2010, 10:17pm
I use a Benro (tested at a shop then got it cheaper OS via Ebay) and I can tell you this much: they are strong, sturdy and very reliable with a good ball head on top. Excellent choice. The three legged model is fantastic.

30-08-2010, 12:14am
Perfect thanks everyone, I'll buy one tomorrow. the three section C-297

cheers - jb