View Full Version : Any tips for shooting rally car events?

21-09-2007, 4:37pm
Hey everyone.

My dad and I are going up to a Rally SA event tomorrow and we're taking up the camera. I'm just wondering if anyone can reccomend some settings? So far I've come up with about ISO 150/200 as it will be rather sunny so light wont be a problem. I want to freeze the action so maybe a shutter speed of around 1000? I'm thinking of putting it on Shutter priority so I can choose the shutter speed and the camera does aperture.

Any tips/ideas would be appreciated :)

Cheers, Tim

Craig Miller
21-09-2007, 5:20pm
I've not shot a rally event but from the rest of the motor sport events I have shot you'll want to keep your ISO as low as you can for quality. If there is enough light stick to 100. Each event is different but most times I like 160th to 250th (depending on your zoom) for nice panning shots. This will give plenty of blur while not loosing sharpness on your subject. TV mode is the best bet.

Hope that helps.. :)

21-09-2007, 6:33pm
Where's the rally? If its held in Mt Crawford Forest or Kuipo Forest, please be aware that it can be darker in there, even if it is Sunny.

While I do agree with Craigus, I would probably be a bit more generous on the ISO (400, but nothing more). I would also experiment a bit more with shutter speeds. Its good, especially if they are spitting out lots of water or rocks or dirt to do a bit of stopping the action, otherwise play around between 1/60th (if you are game), but you would need no more then 1/500th at the max

& last but not least, share your shots!!

22-09-2007, 1:31pm
The No1 Tip, Don't get run over !!

I know it sounds stupid to say it, but especially at stronger events there's always someone not thinking about what happens in the event of things not going to plan.

Look prior to the 1st car at where you think the cars will travel past you, then also look at where they'll end up if they do something really dumb. Standing to get your photos between the point of logic and the point of no return has some really bad consequences sooner or later. I witnessed a national (SBS) news crew throw a broadcast quality video camera and dive for cover at a rally one day when they put themselves in such a position.

Motorsport is dangerous, as is Motorsport Photography, consciously thinking about personal safety is paramount.


22-09-2007, 4:05pm
...and a hi-vis vest.
Our local mx track and drag club supply mine, but i have my own in the car too.