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Jorge Arguello
10-08-2010, 1:08pm

If you use GIMP instead of Photo Shop this thread might interest you.

I am a GIMP user. Most of the tutorials for photo processing (that are really good!) are mainly for Photo Shop. Sometimes we can get struggle trying to find similar function in GIMP, but most of the cases is easy.

I was writing the steps for GIMP when I found this link that can help us to process our photos.


I find it really helpful.

p.s. I will check them. If I find a missing tutorial (that I’ve applied) I will write down the steps and share it with you.

10-08-2010, 1:51pm
Having used The Gimp, the big difference would be where to find the same tools in the menu, compared to Photoshop. They are there, it is just a matter of finding them and sometimes it is less tha intuitive as to where a tool or function can be found in The Gimp's menu. The online manual for the The Gimp can usually help you over-come that fairly quickly.

10-08-2010, 1:53pm
There are some really useful tutorials for photo processing on the GIMP.org web site too. Scroll down to find the links for Photo Processing:


02-06-2011, 9:07am
Enjoy GIMP . Great toy . :)

14-04-2014, 10:22pm
Another GIMP user here, thanks Jorge for the link. I agree with Ricktas, finding the same tool with a different name is the biggest problem