View Full Version : Photography Ideas In Hervey Bay?

31-07-2010, 6:16pm
Hi everyone!

My name is Will and I'm heading up to Hervey Bay in a couple of weeks with my girlfriend. I'm a bit of an amateur hobby photographer and just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some good shots on the drive to or at Hervey Bay?

We're doing a whale watching tour up there so we'll do the obligatory whale shoot. If anyone has any local tips it'll be much appreciated :th3:


01-08-2010, 2:05pm
Hi Will, Mate Urangan Pier in the early morn is great , Especially if there is a fog , Which there usually is , Pt Vernon up the Northern end of Hervey Bay near Pialba , Great Sunsets over water , Supposedly the only place on the East Coast where this happens , Because of the coast line , Also has great rock formations , The Marina , The Esplanade, Where there is trees going out of the ocean , Heaps to keep you busy snapping away - Cheers Bill :)

01-08-2010, 2:57pm
Welcome to AP, looks Like Will has given you some choice places to consider. Hope we get to see you joining in on the forums soon with some photos.

02-08-2010, 7:36pm
Hi Bill.... Thanks for the tips mate! I'll be taking your advice on Point Vernon... sounds like a great spot to get some really nice sunset shots :D

Definitely keen to put some photos up and get some advice... there are some really talented people on this forum and some of the photos are simply amazing!!!