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29-07-2010, 2:47am
Hi All, I have an unusual request and am trying to thing of ways to do it respectfully and honour of the memory of a loved one.

I'll give some background. Recently my stepfather’s mother passed away, for all intensive purposes my grandmother (never had the chance to meet my biological grandparents). She migrated with her father as a child from Italy and has no family here. My Stepdad has asked me to take some photos of her final resting place to send back to her family in Italy. I have no issue with this, as to me it’s the final gift I can give, and a way to show my respect for her.

At her request she was buried above ground in the Mausoleum at Rookwood. My issue arises as I have no idea how to tastefully take an image of that nature. I don’t want to get to "arty" but at the same time don’t want it to simple be a straight on photo.

I plan to take some photos around the grounds, that’s not a problem. I just can’t think of how to compose an image inside the Mausoleum itself.

29-07-2010, 4:54am
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29-07-2010, 8:50am
find out if you can take a step ladder into the cemetry. Getting up high can create an interesting and visually appealing photo, that is from a differing angle to the norm. This can have the effect of allowing you to get more of the top of her resting place in the shot, and the re####s can be quite appealing.