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28-07-2010, 4:55pm
Missus said I can buy a ID MkIII if I want..... what?!

After give myself a king hit on the head *OUCH* and realize I am not dreaming... I am looking on ebay etc to get one for myself.

But having say that, is there anything BAD about the MkIII? OR Is there anything I should have aware?

On top of that... why should I not look at the 5D/5DMkII?

28-07-2010, 4:59pm
Cant focus, but, hey, that might be just hearsay

28-07-2010, 5:32pm
Really? I thought the 1D series has the best AF in the entire line. Including both center/non-center focusing.

28-07-2010, 5:36pm
panned by a lot of sports guys I know, couldnt wait to get rid of it for either the D3 or the MkIV

JM Tran
28-07-2010, 5:41pm
the major problem with it when it first came out was the shutter failing due to the high FPS as well as a mis-timed AF system for the early models

after a re-call by Canon or servicing from them all fixed and later model 1D3s worked excellently - but its reputation was blighted by those early few months when it came out

make sure u know the history of the camera and if it has been rectified by Canon or not

28-07-2010, 5:43pm
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28-07-2010, 5:44pm
The fix wasnt much chop from the people I know mate.

I think you need to also determine what you want the camera for (crop or ff ?)

Everything I see suggests full frame, 5DMKII is an excellent cam, not as good at the D700, lol, but, up there

28-07-2010, 5:52pm
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28-07-2010, 8:33pm
wasn't even trying to, just merely asking for opinion.

Anyway, how about 1DS MK2 vs 1D MK3?

02-08-2010, 5:25pm
Good on you that your wife gave you permission to buy 1Dmk3.
Depends on your need and budget both 1Dsmk2 and 1Dmk3 is a good camera.
Happy hunting and hope that you get one soon :)

19-08-2010, 7:46pm
there was a problem with 1d mk3 focusing that got fixed, and i think later serial numbers did not have this problem. But i guess the stigma stays.
I would test the camera if possible, if buying second hand, ask if there are any problems with ai servo.
Personally i find the AF on the mk3 very satisfying, superior to 7D AF. the 1D bodies are so nice and solid, as well as dual card slot is nice.

27-08-2010, 9:20pm
I have owned and used the 1DMII, 1DsMII, and the 1DMIII. All are great cameras, with the MKIII just a little more updated in the menu design (and of course the 14bit processor, bigger LCD screen, and faster shutter action). You can pick up the 1DMKII for under a $1000 now, with the 1DsMKII and the 1DMKIII for between $2000 and $2500. Both the MKII share the same menu button and menu system.

The problem with the MKIII focus system only happened in the A1 servo mode and canon did do a fix for this. This is a case of the loudest axle gets the most grease. Very few people experienced the problem (and very few people would have had the use, or the experience to replicate the problem) but it certainly did give the MKIII a tarnished reputation. You will find thousands of threads with this problem over the net, but in reality any MKIII you pick up today would have had the fix already applied. Even if you did pick up a body that had not had the fix you will still be unlucky to have the circumstances correct to replicate the problem.

In my opinion any of the three above mentioned bodies are great bodies.

29-08-2010, 4:48pm
The 1D III is a wonderful all-round camera, vastly superior to any of the semi-pro models in its handling, response, and flexibility. The AF is phenomenally good. Back before the fix, some copies used to have bad hair days. To a certain extent, they still do, BUT it is very rare, it only happens under particular conditions, and it isn't too dificult to avoid if you keep your wits about you.

In return, you get camera that has unmatched handling and responsiveness, and truly superb colour reproduction. Yes, 1D III images really do have a special richness, an almost tactile quality to them that no other camera (that I know of) quite matches. The superb old 20D had a little of this, but far stronger in the 1D III. This isn't just me dreaming stiff up, I have seen the exact same observation made in print by Rob Galbraith himself - the gentleman who brought the whole AF question into the light with his careful, scientific testing.

I have retired my 1D III now from duty as my primary birding camera on the 500/4. Despite not matching the old Mark III in many ways, the 7D has superior resolution and can have superior focus depending on the particular circumstances of the shot. For bird work, the 7D is a better camera, all things considered.

However, my 1D III is now enjoying a whole new second career as a landscape camera, matched to the 100-400, and I'm discovering all over again what a delight it is to use. It might be only 10MP, but by George, every little one of those 10 million dots works overtime to produce the goods. Quality matters.

At about 6 grand new, they were too damn dear. But if you can get one for a decent price, go for it.

31-08-2010, 10:29pm
Sigh... I have been looking for one very hard. I had a chance on ebay but have been pre-occupied by family duties and unable to make a effective bid :(

Personally I found most of the 1D were workhorses. Been "abused professionally" is how I describe them.

Hopefully will find one soon. Otherwise I might turn to the dark side and get a D3 instead :p

07-09-2010, 2:32am
Finally finally finally... I got myself a 1DMk III :)

OMG this thing is so demanding and so difficult to use! But I am amaze how well the image turns out (if input all the parameters correctly)

I went out for some night cityscape photos and about to upload for the C&C :)

Allan Ryan
07-09-2010, 9:41pm
good on ya Andy

I have been hoping for a 5D, but maybe a secoundhand 1D is the way to go...

07-09-2010, 9:57pm
Glad to hear you are happy with your choice.

09-09-2010, 9:07pm
They are one of the first cameras that I would consider selling both of mine for. Still hesitant with the 1.3 crop as it changes my wide. Still considering, but if you decide not to go with it, makes bidding for me easier. I also think the 1ds mk2 is a brilliant option.

13-09-2010, 4:15pm
Yes, you are right about the 1.3x. But coming from a 500D (and have tried to use a 1Ds MkIII just over the weekend) the difference between 1.6x vs 1.3x visually is much bigger than 1.3x and FF.

My 1DMkIII works billirant so far (only the idiot on the back of the camera creating problem) so I don't see I will be off loading mine anytime soon.

On the other hand, I will look into either a 5D or 1Ds MkIII just for the sake of FF sensor.