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27-07-2010, 7:51pm
O.K, after 5 years of doing MX photograghy
yah think id know all about it...:lol:

using me K10D with me DA 50-200
as soon as the sky(jump pic) is involved i get white sky..
fuzzy rider...im in manual mode, 250th sec, i change the apperture accordingly to the light
have tried the other modes/tv/av/ect.. but they always seem dark???????
Any ideas..
clubmanc is helpin me..

27-07-2010, 8:15pm
What metering mode? Looks over exposed.

27-07-2010, 9:23pm
Put back on Av

AI Servo
Centre Focus Point
Increase the s/s to 1/1000s
Dial in +2EV

Report back to base

28-07-2010, 9:14am
Put back on Av

AI Servo >> Pentax Continuous Focus
Centre Focus Point
Increase the s/s to 1/1000s
Dial in +2EV

Report back to base

Ozzi Paul
30-09-2010, 1:23pm
I find a s/speed around 1/400 - 1/500 is good to use and I adjust aperture & ISO to suit the light. I always use manual mode, AF, center spot focus & center weighted metering and shoot in RAW for the extra processing ability in ACR.
Normally I use iso 100 or 200 and if the day is a bit dull then iso 400. On bright sunny days I use iso 100 & try to keep the shutter speed around 1/500 sec and aperture around f5.6 & sometimes smaller if needed. I like to keep the s/s not to fast so I can try & capture some movement in the wheels.
I try to expose so the sky isn't blown out but also trying to keep the rider from being to dark, thats why I shoot in RAW, better for recovering some lost detail.
My shots aren't the best but I think they do have a good range of tones. I just process them to what I like.
I don't use continuous focus either, just single AF and high speed shooting, although I only take 1 shot at a time, the camera is only on high speed shooting in case I want to take a few quick shots. Continuous focus (Pentax K20D) is to slow when MX bikes are moving towards or away fro me. I use a Sigma 70-200 with HSM to help with focus speed, it does ok.

30-09-2010, 5:39pm
I don't know the settings on a pentax,
but i shoot
800-1000 ss
6-8ish f
iso on auto or at about 400 depending on the track and how shady it is in spots.
I woulkd love to shoot in raw, but cant sit still to process for that long.
I use 2 lenses 100-400 and a 28-135

It works for me

Tony G
30-11-2010, 10:10pm
Nice Pics Ozzi Paul
Here are a couple of mine taken with K200D and Sigma 70-300 DG APO

ISO 100, F/8 , 1/250

ISO 100 , F/4.5 , 1/800