View Full Version : How do i take a good picture of a watch?

26-07-2010, 1:35pm
Hi All,

I have a watch that i am going to sell on ebay. I am finding it very hard to actual take a decent picture of it without reflections on it etc.
Are there any tricks to photographing watches?

Cheers Dave

26-07-2010, 1:39pm
got a CPL filter? that will get rid of the reflections. also dont use a flash straight on

26-07-2010, 1:43pm
Also take it at a slight angle, taking it straight on will show refrlections.


26-07-2010, 2:05pm
I have tried all that so far but you can still see a reflection.
I was thinking i would have to try and take the picture in some sort of box or do it in a dark room with just one light source :confused013

26-07-2010, 2:18pm
I got my filters mixed up, haven't tried the cpl one yet so will give it a go tonight.

Thanks for your replys