View Full Version : How to enter competitions of the week/moth?

21-07-2010, 4:49am

i just join this forum, im very interested to join weekly and monthly competitions to improve my photography skill, however i cannot find how to enter the competitions.
Some link show that i need to click "competitions" link in top of Ausphotography forum but i cannot find that link.
Does the competitions has themes?
if anyone can explain much appreciated.


21-07-2010, 8:15am

Entering the competitions is not the best way to improve your skills, all it does is get you votes and maybe a win or top five placing if you are lucky. You get no critique or feedback at all.

The best way to improve your skills is to put your photos in the member photos forums for critique.

The reason you could not enter the competitions was that you had not posted to the forums. Competition access is tied to forum participation. As you have now posted the competitions menu is open to you, but you must continue to be active on the forums to retain competition access.

Join in on the forums and enjoy the site.