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18-07-2010, 4:41pm
Hello All,
Some advise needed please…. I am considering the purchase of a new DSLR to replace my trusty old Nikon F601, now very much redundant in this digital era…
I have looked closely at the D90 but then I thought to myself ‘should I consider any other model or brand of DSLR that might do the same job for less?’
I haven’t done any serious shooting for years [and back then it was only a hobby] but now I’ve been asked to shoot a wedding, hence an upgrade. Other than this, my photography would be limited to family snaps and holidays etc.
Is the D90 over the top? Should I consider an alternative that might do the same quality job for less… Canon, Pentax or other??
The advice of the forum greatly appreciated…

18-07-2010, 4:50pm
Gday Phil .. and welcome to the nut house :D

mmmm .. weddings huh ?? Touchy subject around here this past week :eek:

The D90 is a very popular and capable camera by all reports (Im not a Nikon man) so it would do the wedding job plus a whole lot more for you, as would just about any other DSLR from any other manufacturer. The simple facts are that every major brand is making very capable cameras these days.

I feel the more important question is are you prepared for this wedding as best that you can be ?? I think you need two cameras minimum, at least two decent quality lenses (eg. one wide, one tele), 2 flashes, lots of memory, batteries for cameras and flash. Reason is that you cant really say "Sorry cant finish the job cause my camera just broke. See ya"

Without knowing the circumstances of the gig, its still pretty safe to say there is a LOT of things to consider for this type of gig. Its a whole lot more than just choosing a camera mate.

Tell us some more about the job and we can offer some more precise advice :)

19-07-2010, 10:37pm
when you say you've been asked to shoot a wedding, is it as the main photographer or just as a friend/backup...

I agree with Darren that shooting a wedding is more than just choosing a camera body.. consider also the lenses (not just a lens)..

but let's say you are not shooting a wedding and just want to go into DSLR.. i would suggest look into the lenses first (range and cost, availability, etc) and then choose the body...