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12-07-2010, 6:23pm
Hi all,

Think I'm having a slight problem with my colour set up. Since installing CS3 (previously used CS) my photos still look fine on the computer, but when I upload them to any website, the colour looks a lot duller.
My Colour settings are Adobe RGB (As is my camera)

I think my problem is in the 'Proof Setup' in the view menu. What do you have this set as? When I set it as Working CMYK it looks fine, but when I set it to Windows RGB, or Monitor RGB the image goes dull (like when uploaded)

So, should I have this 'Proof Setup' to Adobe RGB/Windows RGB and not working CMYK??? It's really confusing me! :confused013

12-07-2010, 6:25pm
Just to confirm what I'm seeing, does the colour in my wife's jumper (in the bottom of the image) look a dull orange, or more of a bright orange/red? In photoshop it looks bright orange red to me, but when uploaded it goes a dull orange....

14-07-2010, 2:23pm
Not sure if this is totally right but I thought the Proofing was so that you can see what your file was going to look like in print form on your chosen paper type. I currently have my proof setting set up for a custom printer profile that I had made for use on my Epson R2880 using Ilford Smooth Pearl paper, not sure about what you are using it for. As for the colours looking dull on the internet have you converted your photo's to sRGB before you uploading to the web as this may be your problem.

Hope this helps.

14-07-2010, 3:14pm
Hey Gav,

In addition to what Michael has said, go to the PS menu: Edit > Colour Settings: Check that your working space is set out as in the attached screenshot. I have my proof set as Working CMYK - but as Michael said I set it to the relevant printer/paper profile when I am softproofing an image on screen.

Convert all web images to sRGB before you upload them, and be sure your browser is set up to recognised tagged and untagged images. In Firefox this sometimes needs to be turned on. See here (http://www.color.org/version4html.xalter)

14-07-2010, 6:36pm
Hi Guys,
Thanks! Turns out I had it right all along, and my problem was Lightroom 3! Lightroom 3 is also new to me and I when I used lightroom to edit, but didn't 'export' from lightroom, the changes seemed to be there, but weren't...think I've figured it out anyway!