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10-07-2010, 7:23pm
I've got manfrotto monopod, now I need a head for that

any advices here?
I think that's ball head, but I know nothing about that yet :)

10-07-2010, 7:47pm
You don't really need a head, you could look at 234rc I think if you need a basic tilt model

10-07-2010, 10:49pm
My advice would be to get a ball head, allowing easy and full 360 degree movement of the camera. This allows you to lean the monopod against something (eg lampost or fence), greatly increasing stability, without having to worry about the camera being at a funny angle.

I've got a 484RC2 monopod with a 488RC2 ball head (I've got the same ball head on a manfrotton tripod too), which I think works well.

10-07-2010, 10:54pm
you could look at 234rc

That is what I use, the main reason I like it is the matching quick release plate to my tripod.

Ozzi Paul
11-07-2010, 1:43am
I just ordered a 498 rc4 for my M/frotto m/pod. I chose this one because it had the same QR plate as my tripod and it has a lever that controls friction on the ball.
Looks like it should do the job nicely.

12-07-2010, 2:35am
I've tried 4 different heads on my monopod including a rubber block.
They all added weight and slop. I now shoot without them.

13-07-2010, 8:49am
Hey ColdBlood,I was just about to ask the same question but thought I'd try a search first, good thing I did :)
But what is the different uses between tilt and ball heads as I'm not sure which would suit me best.