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30-06-2010, 11:23pm
A few months ago I picked up 3x Pocketwizard FlexTTL 5 units for Canon. Afgter much reading about how good these are I was a little unhappy after I got the gear and found one of them really effected by the radio interference. SO I began the loca lsearch for the AC5 soft shield.

Well a month past and as they were so new I couldn't get them locally - Someone in Melbourne called me back and said they would have soon for $45. If however I was in the US I would be getting them for free as they are giving them away... enter my cunning plan.

I hit the US website and went they the process, entering my serial numbers etc ... then I put my postal address down as my company office address in Utah.

TEN weeks later I get a call from my boss in utah - "we have a package for you... what the?" got a project manager heading over here next week to deliver my FREE AC5 soft shields.

Adrian Fischer
01-07-2010, 10:45am
A cunning plan. Wish I had a contact over seas who headed down under oftern. The possibilities....!

01-07-2010, 11:58am
haha genius plan there mate