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28-06-2010, 10:42pm
I'm going to New Zealand for about a month later this year - and bringing my camera, of course!

Now, this is giving me a very good incentive for buying a new tripod (my current one has a bit of a slipping head these days)

Only thing is, I have absolutely no idea what to look for in a tripod....can anybody offer any suggestions of where to start looking for a moderately-to-low priced lightweight tripod?

Using a 30D, and I do have a Sigma 70-200mm lens.

I do want a reversible centre column, and independent legs - apart from that, I've got no idea!

Then there's the heads....they all look the same to me!

29-06-2010, 12:00am
Suggestion would be to get a carbon fibre tripod if you can afford one, always remember that the tripod may not weight much when you first carry it, but it does feel heavy after walking for 30mins :)

Regarding the head, you really need to match the head with one that will take the weight of your 70-200mm lens.

Manfrotto seems to have a great range of tripods and heads and they are well affordable.

29-06-2010, 11:15am
I think that when it comes to tripods you can't have all three but need to pick two of the following attributes: stable, cheap, light.

i.e. stable and light = not cheap. Cheap and light = not stable. Cheap and stable = not light.

There is a great discussion on travel tripods here: http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/showthread.php?t=60151

29-06-2010, 12:37pm
One of these tripods may be what you are looking for.

These 2 models look good A-2681M8+B1 or C069M* + B-00


29-06-2010, 4:20pm
#1 tripod buying tip - make sure its the right height.