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28-06-2010, 6:06pm
Hi what tripod do you recommend for around $200.

28-06-2010, 6:23pm
Velbon Sherpa 650R .. Great bang for your buck :th3:

28-06-2010, 6:39pm
I have a 50D and use a manfrotto 180XDB, i think I paid about $250?

28-06-2010, 6:44pm
Thanks for reply love yeh pics.

28-06-2010, 6:50pm
you're welcome! :)

28-06-2010, 6:52pm
Hi what tripod do you recommend for around $200.

I would be asking a few questions first like how tall are you, what kind of photography do you like to shoot mostly, what kind of head do you want on it for that genre and a few other things first. I spend a lot of wasted money on cheaper tripods and lamented my foolishness many times.

To prove a point, grab any el cheapo tripod, load your camera on it, look through the view finder then gently flick one of the legs with a finger, see how much it moves with just a very gentle touch and then have a think about how much you are willing to spend.

No sense in having a 1400 dollar camera, a good quality lens and mess it up with an el cheapo filter or sloppy joe tripod that is not at the right height, dosen't have the movement you need and messes up your shots when the wind blows on it. I see you got a 100mm for macros with your kit. In that case a sturdy tripod that will sit still for your macros is going to be as important as the lens itself I reckon; along with using mirror lock on the camera body and an external shutter cable so you avoid movement blur as much as possible when you can afford it. Welcome to the world of fun photography :)

28-06-2010, 7:57pm
Lol amazing replys all very helpful im just amused at how you really have to think about what you are buying and what for etc so very right ,I will be using the tripod for landscapes all though not the best lens for it but will get another lens thats another question what lens for landscapes also for as ive said macro,ohh the last thing im 6ft1 so i am willing to pay as much as i can afford but as you say its gotta be a good one or all the money spent on camera etc will be wasted if i got a el cheapo tripod.
Thanks for reply i am so stoked with joining this site a amazing place for knowledge .Iam going to take lessons as well so hopefully become confident in what im doing.

28-06-2010, 8:08pm
David has a very valid point. Like himself I am also quite tall and found some of the smaller cheap ones were harder to use. I also do a lot of landscapes and storms and also used to battle with wind and breeze. Lost a tripod full of gear once and don't really want that happening again. A good solid tripod is probably one of the best pieces of kit you can have. If you are unsure head over to Photo Continental at Mt Gravatt and have a look and see what you like. They have a good range.

28-06-2010, 8:12pm
@ 6'1" you really don't want to be reliant on the centre column for comfort of height.

If there's one thing worse than a sloppy joe tripod, it's a sloppy joe tripod with the centre column raised! :D

Even though I don't think they're the best tripod available I think the manfrotto 055 series(say in a basic black version) will be ideal 'for now'. But if you ever get to the stage where you shoot in very low light, and the shutter speeds are going to be in the order of 1-1/5s or so... then start planning for a better tripod too.

Maybe look for a secondhand tripod outfit for now.. just to get you going.
Find out what they sell for on ebay, and then adjust accordingly for a second hand tripod setup.

Remember if you go with a Manfrottto 055 type tripod you need to add a head of some kind as well.
I have a 055 and a 486 ballhead, but they're not for sale.. won't be till about the end of the year(maybe, maybe longer).
I'd reckon a 055 and 486 ballhead should sell for approx $150 in decent condition.
Decent condition would be scratches and scuff marks, but no broken pieces.

good luck searching.

ps. I'm 6ft and I find that the minimum tripod height would be that of the 055. A 190 is shorter.

other brands of note(on the cheap front) are Slik and Benro.
At that price($200).. I reckon they're all 'much of a muchness'.

28-06-2010, 8:37pm
Great thanks i was there today actually lol im obsessed with info at the moment i just want to get the right equipment i am so grateful to the reply s it really helps me to make a decision on what to get.