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25-06-2010, 5:30pm
I am after a wide angle landscape lens for my Canon 500D. It has been put to me that the Sigma is the better lens (?).
I am aware of the price diff & that is not an issue with the purchase, can members advise which one I should purchase. I am not intending to go ff in the near future. Maybe a 7D.

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25-06-2010, 5:57pm
I have been very happy with my Sigma 10-20. Mine is the f4-5.6 model. The pictures are sharp and the lens a reasonable size.

Here are some samples




25-06-2010, 6:02pm
Ive got the Canon. Quite nice IQ, havent had any experience with the Sigma one. Another is the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8(?). My friend swears by that!

25-06-2010, 6:21pm
I have the Canon 10-22mm. I am happy with it, though at 10mm it suffers from "vignetting" - I have a UV filter on it to protect the front glass and at 10-11mm it catches the edges of the filter, and I have to remember to take the filter off. Other than that IQ is very good. However, I know of people who love their Sigmas. I think it may be a win/win situation whatever you choose. Both seem to be excellent. I read somewhere that even though Canon doesn't classify its EF-S lenses as "L" quality, this lens is similar in IQ to many "L" series lenses.

25-06-2010, 6:36pm
^ Sorry, but that is a ridiculous thing to say. It is quite nonsensical to say that a given lens "suffers from vignetting" when in fact:

You are trying to use the wrong sort of filter on it, which is the only reason there is a problem.
Any other lens from any other maker would suffer in exactly the same way if you did the same thing to it.

The Sigma 10-20 has a lot of friends in this forum. I've never used one, but I would be a little concerned about the lack of range - those last two mm on my Canon 10-22 have saved my bacon more times than I can remember. I suggest that you think about the new Tamron 10-24. It is sensibly priced and an ideal length. I'd just like to see a quality review of it.

25-06-2010, 7:15pm
Ive had both and now have neither, the Canon was smashed and the Sigma was recently sold.
ime the Canon 10-22 is a touch better in the corners (still rather ordinary) and more contrasty. Its also lighter and offers that touch more flexibility in focal range and aperture.
The Siggy does offer great value and comes with the hood, i have no idea why Canon are so tight!! although i now have 2 hoods, cos i have also have a 17-40, lol

Hope my rambling helps ;)

25-06-2010, 7:53pm
Thanks ppl for your views, I guess I am going to have to research these lenses further. It was put to me by a salesman & member of a local camera club (& Nikon user) that many comp winners published in mags have actually used the Sigma lens, that is what caught my attention.

The mention here of the Tamron has now caught my attention, so off I go doing more research/reading! :th3:

25-06-2010, 8:19pm
Not sure how good this review (http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/digital-wide-zooms/chart.htm) is but the reviewer is an Nikon user & favours the Canon 10-22mm as #1

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25-06-2010, 8:26pm
Another vote here for the Canon and I can't complain, however I have friends who use the Sigma and they are also more than happy. Not a very helpful comment I know but I believe both lenses perform quite well and you'd do well to buy either.

25-06-2010, 8:51pm
I can only comment on the Canon. I have found it to be great.

This exact question has been done to death here a few times and I don't think there has ever been a clear winner from the 4 options. I think just buy the one you think OS most suited to your needs in terms of focal length and aperture.

26-06-2010, 6:14pm
I have a canon 10-22mm. I really like this lens. Definitely worth considering. Based on the reviews I read at the time for the sigma and quality control issues at the time, I opted for the canon.

Good Luck, I am sure it will be great which ever one you choose.

28-06-2010, 2:28pm
Vote 1 for the sigma. I've got one and produced some great images. I'm sure the canon is also a great lens, but for half the price I'd just stick with a sigma.

29-06-2010, 5:01am
I really like my Canon 10-22 (I'm currently on holiday and I'm using it all the time), but I doubt there's much difference between it and the Siggy 10-20 other than the loss off 2mm at the long end (which are pretty important). Well worth checking out the Tokina 10-16mm - I have the fisheye 10-17 and the construction and optical quality are really good.... I think the Tokina is very competitively priced too.