View Full Version : Lee Big Stopper (10 stop ND)

21-06-2010, 1:40pm
Has anyone found stock for the Lee Big Stopper Filter. I would like one before I go on holiday in 4 weeks. Dont mine ordering it from overseas.

21-06-2010, 1:48pm
I purchased a B+W 10 stopper a few months back. Haven't seen the Lee's though.

10 stoppers are definitely worth taking along with you on holidays ... I love it how you can leave the shutter open for so long in broad day light ...

21-06-2010, 1:51pm
they are good fun.

I have one already but its 77mm. I need one for my 16-35mm but no one makes one that is compatible, until now, as the big stopper just slots into the the standard holder. Will be good as it will be easy to take off.